Working behind the scenes: BJP’s social media team played an important role in party’s thumping victory in UP

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Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) once again created history and won with a
thumping majority, the credit for this victory goes to everyone from the BJP’s central leadership to the state leadership along with the social media team of the BJP.

The BJP’s social media team has played an important role in the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections by staying behind the scenes. Be it through songs, Twitter space, Facebook, small video clips, cartoons, the social media
team of BJP has been successful in reaching out to the masses.

BJP came up with many election songs like “Jo Ram ko laye hai hum unko layenge”, UP mein baba ba” “Mandir ab banane hai bhagwa rang chadhne laga hai.

According to Uttar Pradesh’s social media head Ankit Chandel, in the BJP’s social media team every BJP worker is involved, whether it is a minister or a worker, that is why it proved to be so effective. Chandel said, “It is not like other parties that only a few people work in a 1 kg social media team. In our social media team, our own
people work together.

Chandel said, “Big names from BJP such as Dharmendra Pradhan, Anurag Thakur, Sunil Bansal, Swatantra Dev Singh and the UP CM Yogi Adityanath himself, from time to time, paid attention to what special can be done in social media so that public outreach increases Apart from this, talking about the songs Chandel said, “BJP leader Manoj Tiwari,
Ravi Kishan sang many songs for BJP.

Chandel further said, “Covid-19 was a big challenge, but during the election, we also had to connect with the public, so we kept on coming up with ideas and kept connecting with the people.” “Fark Saaf hai” campaign was very effective for BJP, where the shortcomings of the previous government and the achievements of the present government were showcased. With “Jo kaha so kiya” campaign, the government put forward the manifesto along with the promises that have been fulfilled, in front of the public.

He added, “We run a special creative video series called “Yogi aa jaega” (Yogi will come), which stated that if someone molests girls, someone is illegally occupying the land, commits hooliganism, then Yogi will come to stop them, which had a great impact.

Naa bhoole hai naa maaf karenge, SP-BSP ka supda saaf karenge,” (We have not forgotten nor will we forgive and will clear the SP and BSP from UP) which was our overall campaign,” “Soch Imaandaar, Kaam Dumdaar Phir Ek Baar BJP Sarkar” all these together had a great impact in registering victory in Uttar Pradesh elections, said Chandel.

Apart from this, new experiments like, connecting ministers and leaders on Facebook live and conveying their messages to the public, connecting with the public, conveying the message of the Prime Minister and Chief Minister to the beneficiaries through video calling through WhatsApp, were undertaken.

Chandel said, “We have tried our best to fulfill the important responsibility given to us by the leaders, and the people put forward the results of our work by bringing in power the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh.

The BJP has retained power in Uttar Pradesh by winning 255 out of 403 constituencies, securing a 41.29 per cent vote share. Yogi Adityanath will be the first Chief Minister in the last 37 years to return to power after completing a full term in the state.

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