World Youth Skill Day 2018: Why unemployed due to the lack of skill?


When it comes to the Youth of the country and raising the awareness to develop skills to propelled towards a prosperous future. United Nations have designated a day, in November 2014, as World Youth Skill Day. The day seeks to generate recognition of the importance of technical, vocational education, training and the development of other skills relevant to both local and global economies.


“Skill-based training will help youth to get jobs”, said Pramod Madhwaraj, Minister of State for Fisheries. The serious instability in the economic & social conditions and moreover the youth employment crisis are still the major concerns of this country.  A big leap, especially as governments, are straining to meet so many other needs within their borders and around the world. But without solving the employment issue and missing out on the education they deserve; the repercussions will reverberate.


With the improved education outcomes, relevant skills and competencies, and access to decent jobs there are still lack of indulged and employed young men and women. More than 71 million young people are unemployed-with around 40% of the world’s active youth population are either unemployed or living in poverty despite being employed.


Digital platforms like Youth4work, where skilling Youth is done with the partnered-institutes as well as the training centers. The USP of this platform is that they provide free online talent tests, covering almost every talent from technical to vocational, here Youth can have the assessment regarding their key areas and where they lack. Youth4work can be seen as the talent trend for 2018 being the digital talent acquisition platform.


Rachit Jain, CEO of Youth4work.com says, “an aim to enhance employability and address the issue of mismatch between what is being taught and the skill-sets that the industry needs. There are many reports about the poor employability of graduates which reflects the low or no knowledge of their skills which can overcome by a mere assessment.”


The goal is to achieve the better socio-economic conditions for today’s youth. It is hoped that the initiatives will contribute in reducing the unemployment and underemployment among the youth across the globe. Youth can help accelerate progress, fostering a prosperous sustainable environment.