Yeh Public Hai Sab Jaanti Hai: Will BJP redeem its power for the 3rd time in Noida


As Uttar Pradesh inches closer towards the crucial assembly elections in the state, the politics are heating up. While all other constituencies are just as important, Noida has a special place in the charts. It is one of the high-profile seats in the state currently run by the BJP. 

India election special show team ‘Yeh Public Hai Sab Jaanti’ reached BJP stronghold Noida to know the people’s opinions ahead of polls. 

Pankaj Singh, the son of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh is the sitting MLA from the Noida seat. Singh is the third consecutive MLA from the saffron party to win the Noida constituency. 

Noida will go into polling on February 10, 2022. Watch this video to know the mood of Noida ahead of the crucial elections.