Your devices are constantly collecting and transmitting data about you


Technology is a wonderful thing, but all too often it works to serve the interests of companies more than people, especially when it comes to data collection. Your devices are constantly collecting and transmitting data about you, whether you realize it or not. Your data might make money for big tech companies, but it belongs to you.


It is absolutely true that, Right now, the majority of platforms you use are collecting your data – but in their eyes, it’s not yours. Invisibly helps you navigate and control your online identity – but you’re always in the driver’s seat. Now the time has come, many tech start-ups are yet to launch a new platform designed to help people take back control of their data, and make money from it at the same time. 


Data privacy and control is a huge issue, and we believe the most effective way to change the way companies collect and use data is to enable people to license their data to companies while making money from it. The more people who do this, the quicker companies will adapt to using this 100% consumer-consented data.


During pandemic, Education is one of the industries most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Changes forced colleges, schools and universities to switch their education to remote learning and have their staff work remotely. This sudden shift has left the education industry even more vulnerable to cyberattacks. As per a report, education was the fifth most targeted industry in 2020, garnering 6% of all attacks, ransomware attacks on education grew by as much as 388% between the third and fourth quarters in 2020. Some attacks specifically targeted schools returning online after their summer break to generate extra pressure to pay ransoms.