Our Objective

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01. To Provide A Vibrant Platform To Corporates For Their CSR Activities;

02. Allow Networking Between CSRs’ And Society;

03. A Tool To Improve The Social Human Awareness;

04. Ensure Continuity, Sustainability, Stability And Accountability Of CSR Programmes;

05. Enable Anyone And Everyone To Raise Funds For A Cause That Matters To The Society;

06. Lobbing With Respective Authorities For Optimum Use;

07. To Communicate Between The CSRs’ And The Society – “SPOI Voice”;

08. Ensure Socio Economic Growth By Innovating Unconventional Ideas That Get Space In The Development Process;

09. Encouraging Participation And Getting Participated For Constructing India To A Skilful India.

10. Right full implement of the schemes spend by the PSU/corporates in the area of CSR.