24×7 Till 2047 To Achieve Viksit Bharat’: PM Modi Says God Sent Him With A Special Purpose |

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi referred to allegations that India is behind ‘targeted assassinations by unknown killers’ of terrorists in Pakistan and asked why are “some people in India crying” over this.

Speaking at an India TV event, PM Modi said that he knows that the people of Pakistan are worried and he is the “root cause of their worries”.

Reacting to Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar’s “India should respect Pakistan because it has the nuclear bomb” remark, the Prime Minister said he had “personally” visited Lahore and “checked its power”, apparently referring to his visit to Lahore in 2015.

“Uss taakat ko mei khud Lahore jaakar check karke aaya hu (I had personally visited Lahore to check how powerful it is),” he said.

  • PM Modi also said that God has ordained that “I should work 24×7 till 2047 to achieve the aim of a Viksit Bharat (Developed India)”. “I feel, God Almighty has sent me for a special purpose. God has sent me to achieve the objective of a Viksit Bharat by 2047. God is showing me the path, God is giving me the energy. I am fully confident I will achieve that target by 2047 and until that target is achieved, God will not call me back. I do not have any other place in this world now except this,” he said.
  • The prime minister further revealed that the reason behind “370 seats for BJP” slogan and said, “The number 370 (referring to Article 370) manifests the unity of the country. The idea of a 370-seat target was given by a person who belonged to Kashmir. The BJP should win 370 seats to leave an indelible memory in the minds of people so that they understand the significance of the unity of the country.”
  • PM Modi said that the Opposition is bound to lose in elections and reiterated that the BJP will win 370 seats on its own. “One option, they have is to claim a moral victory and secondly, they are blaming EVMs. After the conclusion of the third phase, EVM has come into the picture,” he said.
  • The Prime Minister said that the opposition is planning to defame the democracy of India under a well-thought plan.
  • On allegations of misuse of agencies, PM Modi said the ED has seized Rs 2200 crore in cash, and therefore they should be honoured. “The Opposition cries foul because the money belongs to them. In 10 years of the UPA, only Rs 34 lakh was seized. The ED is doing what they are supposed to do. I fought the election of 2014 on the issue of corruption,” he said.
  • (With inputs from agencies)

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