5G will soon be taken seriously by consumers


A question that comes to many minds is how 5G would be different from 4G and in what ways it would improve our lives? In a country like India we need 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G since everyone does not want to shift to the smartphone. 5G is the next-generation wireless technology to take-up the speed as it is aimed to deliver up to roughly 10Gbps on a handheld device. The new technology is predicted to be capable of supporting up to a million devices per square kilometer. The present 4G supports only up to 100,000 devices per square kilometer. The year 2021 will be the year when we would see 5G emerging as a household network technology in many markets around the globe.  This will open up an additional new market starting day one of the launch of the services like near-instantaneous speeds for downloading, uploading and streaming.


The major phone carriers have had 5G networks up and running for at least several months now. But with only Android phones offering 5G capability, and networks still being developed, it is yet to take off. But once Apple releases iPhones with 5G, and is expected to see consumers demanding more of their networks. The wider embrace of 5G has broader implications. The fifth generation of wireless technology is seen as a potential rival to cable broadband because its speeds are so high. It is expected to speed the use of the internet of things’ devices and wearables. It could also help autonomous cars. All in all, the 5G launch by Apple is a bigger deal than may be appreciated.

Secondly, the experts predict that as we cannot expect anything big to happen in the year 2020, but yes if the policy changes for the economy to revive, 5G adoption in 2021 could be the year for bringing revolution to the vision of PM Modi to make Digital India become the reality for revival of the economy .


There are many technologies that could be accessed immediately because the network requires the use of a 5G-enabled phone. With 5G, consumers are aimed to receive faster data speeds along with higher bandwidth and lower latency. All this is what would give a boost to the connectivity of our smartphones as well as make space for new Internet of Things (IoT) devices. As per the report, 5G will emerge as the key catalyst to fuel the growth of digital economy in India and it is more focused on incremental enhancements on existing Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology thereby allowing operators to evolve their LTE networks. As telcos are deploying these enhancements on LTE; new service dimensions will be opening up.


Although 5G isn’t a breakthrough in the wireless networking world, it does require a distinct configuration over what is needed to enable 4G LTE connectivity. This clearly means that if you have a 4G phone today, you won’t get 5G networks. However, if you’ll get a 5G phone that will certainly support not just 5G but also 4G and 3G. It is evident that there is huge escalation in the demand and consumption of digital services across industries. Digitally transforming their businesses should now be an even greater strategic priority  for providers, to  meet  customer demand and to drive value. This brings the opportunity for the companies into cyber security to provide new protection products for origin through digital channels.