Avdhan taking Learning to a New Level

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Mr Siddharth Bhagat, CFO, Avdhan Mind Power Private Ltd, speaks to SPOI on how his organization is leading in the education space in the country and the human brain functioning-based learning that is its speciality is doing wonders for students across different boards and media –

Tell us about your organization and the areas in which you work?

Avdhan is working for 100% literacy in India. Avdhan Mind Power is a leading Scientific Learning Education Company. It has been established for spreading scientific education in the world and is providing 15-year-long scientific research-based Ancient Learning Remembering Science – Avdhan to the schools and students. Avdhan is a science of learning, remembering, recalling (LRR) based on human brain functioning for learning, remembering and recalling using which subject can be understood and retained in one go. It is the only company which provides course content based on Avdhan.

Our areas of working are Education, Learning Sciences, Vedic Sciences, and Reviving Ancient Scientific Heritage of India. Avdhan caters to the School Segment, from Class VI to XII English and Hindi Medium students for CBSE and all State Boards of India and for professional segments (CA, CS, College, Competition exams, entrance exams – SSC, RPSC, Bank exams). The State Education Boards include those of Rajasthan, Haryana, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Goa, Assam, Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Delhi, Chandigarh,Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Dadra & Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Lakshadweep and Puducherry.

We facilitate school students, teachers, working professionals and students pursuing higher education to easily learn relevant courses anywhere, anytime to achieve their desired target. Students can study with Real Teacher Teaching Video Lecture, Study Notes, Online Test, Avdhan Video and many more, as per their study needs. We provide the solution in the form of The Power of 5 E – E Lectures, E Learning, E Avdhan, E Testing and E Query Solution.

Our USP is –
• Hindi Medium Content – We are the only company providing any Hindi medium content – Expert Faculty video Lectures and Digital Classes in Hindi for Class 6–12 for subjects as Ganit, Vigyan, Bhautik, Lekha Shastra, etc.
• Avdhan Learning Science – Avdhan develops and delivers education content based on human brain functioning, making it easy to learn, remember and recall, when needed. This is our Copyright Science.
Could you share some of your recent initiatives?
Some of our recent initiatives to reach the masses and ground level efforts being made are –

• Connecting with NGOs across India to provide education content for students.
• Partnership with different social organizations at the grassroots level and has presence in small villages and towns like Sahaj E Village Ventures Limited.
• We have Corporate Tie-ups with various e-learning companies like Snapdeal, Edukart, Career360, GroupOn, etc.
• We are working for CSR activity tie-up with companies to provide education facility.
• We also have tied up with Airtel for Airtel Classroom project, working with various other mobile companies to provide education via mobiles, the mass media access medium.

How best do you use technology while making learning more fun and interesting?

We are a technology-based company right from the initial development stage of content, to the stage of creation of script/lesson plan which is submitted by the teacher online. We give specific training to teachers where we train them for making learning fun and interesting with the help of images, smart art, concepts, story making, learning techniques, memory power and the best of all Ancient Learning Science – Avdhan, which is a science for easy learning, remembering and recalling the learnt information. In order to make sure that the complete concept is easily understandable, it is supplemented with examples, numericals, techniques, quick tips, object demonstration, 3D image formation, etc.

Are you also aligned in any way in spreading Digital Literacy in the country, especially in the rural areas?
Yes, we promote Digital Literacy and conduct Cyber Literacy workshops in rural areas. We have been conducting seminars in government schools, government teachers and rural areas since 2010. Also, our Pilot Project for Digital Literacy is running with the Government of Rajasthan in around 200 schools since 2011.

Are you also present on the mobile platform (in the form of apps)?

Our content can be accessed on mobiles throughout the world. We also have a mobile compatible e learning portal www.bhagatsir.com.

Besides students, are you also targeting any other segment of the population with your education solutions?

Beside students, we provide educational facilities to women and old people who had to leave their studies in between but want to continue with their studies. They can study at these centres and appear for exams through open schooling.

When it comes to content generation, from where do you source out the material? Do you also offer content in the local or vernacular languages or is it confined only to English?

We have an in-house content generation team of more than 500+ experts consisting of IITians, Ph.D. holder experts, corporate executives, teachers, academicians and people passionate for education who are expert in their own field and topic. As per our criteria, we select the person for the content creation who can claim that no one else can deliver this topic better than him. In this manner, we are creating world-class education content for the students.

We do develop content in vernacular languages also. We are the first company to develop the content in the Hindi medium. We provide Class 6–12 CBSE, NCERT and 23 different State Board syllabus, both in the Hindi and English medium. On demand, we are willing to develop the content in other languages as well.

How often do you change your courses or curriculum of your learning programmes?

We change the curriculum as per the requirements of the State Education Board or the government.

What is your future roadmap in terms of spreading education on the online platform?

Our motto is simple – “World is a Classroom, Room is a University” and we are constantly working towards creating a world where everyone will have access to education online and they do not have to migrate for getting the best education from his/her place of residence as all the facilities for any level of study will be available online on his fingertips.

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