BJP has crossed 270 mark, says Shah; Mamata predicts 215 seats for INDIA Bloc

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Mamata Banerjee and Amit Shah on Tuesday placed their own estimations of Parliamentary seats that their respective Blocs might have clinched till at the end of fourth phase of elections on Monday.

While the Union Home Minister on Tuesday said that the BJP had already crossed the 270 mark out of the 380 seats — that went to polls till Monday — the Bengal Chief Minister quoted from her “internal reports” predicting 195 to 215 seats for the Indian National Democratic Inclusive Alliance adding, “the weather is changing.”

“The winds are changing and the weather too which suggests that the Guarantee Babu (read

Prime Minister Narendra Modi),” is going and the INDIA alliance is surging ahead,” Banerjee said.

“Last time we knew that Modi Babu is returning to power … before that also there was some

inkling of his winning … but as the weather changes after long spell of scorching sun … as rain brings relief from heat … this time the weather is changing … this time the news is Modi’s guarantee is not going to come true … the only guarantee is that he is going out of power,” Banerjee told an election rally at Serampore.

“Till the fourth phase of elections the reports that have come to me says that the INDIA alliance is going to come to power … by now they have wrested 195 to 215 seats… so the only slogan now should be BJP Hatao … Desh Bachao (Oust BJP to save the country) … … this is myearnest request to the people to break BJP … break the Modi Government and save the nationfrom disintegrating,” the Chief Minister said adding the BJP had demolished dreams of thefreedom fighters who led the country to freedom.

“Please save India … the free and united nation that was once envisaged by our freedom fighters who died for the country’s freedom … see what Modi has done to this country … see how they are selling the country to the privateers … see how they are selling hatred … see what they have done to the country … so they must go from power,” Banerjee said.

In an apparent bid to distinguish between the Congress Party in Delhi and its branch in Bengal, Banerjee said that “not the Congress of Delhi but the one here has teamed up with the CPI(M) and the BJP to ruin the career of the youth.”

These three parties “snatch people’s jobs … we have seen man eating tigers … these three parties are job eating tigers … we create jobs … provide employment and they eat them up by taking jobs,” she said referring to the recruitment scam and the sacking by the Calcutta High about 26,000 school staff including teachers.

The Home Minister on the other hand said that his party had already moved close to the half-way mark. Addressing an election rally at Bongaon from where Matua leader and Union Minister Shantanu Thakur is contesting Shah said, “Polling has end for 380 seats by the end of the fourth phase of elections and it is for sure that the BJP has already reached the 270 mark … now the fight is for getting 400 and beyond.”

Telling the people that if the BJP could get 400 seats in Delhi and 30 seats in Bengal then there would be no Trinamool Congress government in Bengal he said, “only the BJP can rid Bengal from corruption, goonda raj, syndicate raj, chit fund scam and send those responsible for thesecrimes to jail.”

Referring to Banerjee’s strong protest against the implementation of the Citizenship Amendment Act Shah said that “Mamata Banerjee is lying that anyone who applies for citizenship under the CAA will be in trouble … this is my assurance to the Matua community that after CAA you will get citizenship and will be able to live with respect in the country like any other migrants of t he Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Shikh or Christian communities.”

He said that “though the Chief Minister is trying to stop CAA no power can stop it from being implemented because granting citizenship is Centre’s call and the State has nothing to do with

(With inputs from agencies)

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