BJP MP Sanghmitra Maurya, Ousted from Budaun, Displays Emotion at Adityanath’s Campaign Event”

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Sanghmitra Maurya, a BJP Member of Parliament (MP) who was reportedly ousted from Budaun, displayed emotion at a campaign event led by Yogi Adityanath. This incident likely gained attention due to the public display of emotions by a prominent political figure.

The reasons behind Maurya’s ousting from Budaun and her emotional display at Adityanath’s campaign event would need further context to fully understand the situation. It’s possible that Maurya’s removal from Budaun could have been due to internal party dynamics, local political issues, or dissatisfaction among constituents. The emotional display at Adityanath’s campaign event could have been a reaction to the perceived support or solidarity offered by the Chief Minister amidst her challenging situation.

Political events often involve intricate dynamics and emotional responses, and this incident underscores the human aspect within the political sphere. However, to gain a comprehensive understanding, one would need to delve deeper into the specific circumstances surrounding Maurya’s removal from Budaun and her subsequent actions at the campaign event.

Later talking to PTI, she clarified that UP Secondary Education Minister Gulabo Devi, sitting beside her, had narrated a touching story from the Ramayana which brought tears.

“I am not weak. Sanghmitra Maurya is a very brave woman — a woman who represents half of the population,”

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