Bogus Bomb Threats Plague Delhi Schools, Impacting Over 100 Educational Institutions

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Hoax Bomb Threat Unraveled:

Delhi’s Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena confirms police traced the origin of hoax bomb threat emails to nearly 100 schools in Delhi and NCR. Saxena personally visited DAV School in Model Town, North Delhi, post-receipt of threats.

Police Action and Tracing Process:

Delhi Police, facing challenges from a VPN, successfully trace IP address after meticulous rerouting investigation. Saxena assures citizens of swift police action, emphasizing ongoing leads and impending strict measures. Comprehensive investigation initiated by Special Cell; no suspicious findings reported in any schools, states Senior Police Officer Kumar Mahla.

Official Statement and School Inspections:

Delhi Police released a statement confirming the hoax nature of threats, urging the public to remain calm. Special Cell initiates investigation, with no suspicious findings in any schools as per Senior Police Officer Kumar Mahla.

Administrative Response and Safety Measures:

Saxena urges parents not to panic, assuring thorough safety measures and cooperation with authorities. Fire and police departments conduct extensive school inspections post-4:15 am threats, ensuring student safety. Delhi Public School Noida principal Kaamini Bhasin emphasizes safety concerns, informing parents and collaborating with authorities.

Precautions and Closure Protocols:

Schools promptly close and send students home following bomb threats, prioritizing safety. Delhi Public School Noida principal Kaamini Bhasin emphasizes safety concerns, informing parents and collaborating with authorities.

Dark Web Suspicions and International Connections:

VPN usage suggests dark web involvement; domain origin traced to Russia, hinting at potential international connections. Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre actively investigates IP addresses, noting Russian language in email servers.

Organization Involvement Suspected:

Investigative agencies suggest organized orchestration behind threats, pointing to simultaneous mass emails and international server links. Interpol’s assistance sought to uncover complexities, with Noida, Ghaziabad, and Delhi police collaborating.

Interpol Assistance Planned:

Suspected foreign server prompts Delhi Police to plan Interpol collaboration, aiming to delve deeper into the threatening email case. Noida, Ghaziabad, and Delhi police departments unite efforts for comprehensive investigation.

Community Reassurance and Vigilance:

Saxena emphasizes community cooperation, urging citizens to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity. Public encouraged to stay informed through official channels and adhere to safety protocols issued by authorities.

Educational Continuity Amidst Security Concerns:

Despite security threats, authorities emphasize commitment to educational continuity, exploring virtual learning options if necessary. Schools advised to stay in communication with parents and students, providing updates on safety measures and reopening plans.

(With inputs from agencies)

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