Chilling Murder’ As Man Stabs Wife, Chops Body Into 200 Pieces Before Dumping Them Into River

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A man has stabbed his wife to death, chopped her in over 200 pieces and then storing them for a week inside refrigerator before finally dumping it into a river.

These are the chilling details of a murder that took place in UK, where an accused Nicholas Metson, 28-years-old has murdering his wife Holly Bramley, 26, in March.

Reports said Metson stabbed his wife several times in the bedroom and chopped the body in the bathroom.

It is said that the accused husband later put the pieces in plastic bags and stored them in a kitchen larder, a cold area for storage of food, before dumping them in river with the help of a friend.

Later, plastic bags were discovered floating in the Witham river by a morning walker. One of the bags had a human hand and another Bramley’s shaved head. In total, divers found 224 body parts with some still missing, the reports stated.

It is said the body was chopped in such a way that it was impossible to find a cause of death.

The couple had been married for just 16 months.

The police during its investigation found blood-soaked sheets in the bathtub, several dark sports on the floor and a strong smell of ammonia and bleach throughout the house.

It is not clear why the accused took such an extreme step. However, it is reported that the accused suffered from an autism spectrum disorder, which could be a factor for the murder.

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