Festival of colour in streets of Karachi as Pakistani Hindus celebrate Holi

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The Hindu community in the Pakistani city of Karachi celebrated Holi on Sunday, the Hindu festival of colours, with much fanfare and enthusiasm. The festival revolves around the legend of the Hindu God Krishna spraying his consort Radha and her friends with red, yellow, green and saffron colours.

The devotees, smeared in coloured powder, sprinkled coloured water on each other while dancing to songs. People also exchanged sweets as part of the celebrations. “Holi is my most favourite festival. I prepare for Holi celebrations well in advance. I celebrated it yesterday with my family and today as well I am here with my family and friends to celebrate,” said Ritika, a Karachi resident.

“Holi is a festival of colours. We pray that God fills everyone’s life with colours of joy, beauty and peace, not just Hindus but all the Pakistanis,” said Seema Maheshwari, a Karachi resident.

Holi, which marks the advent of spring, is widely celebrated in India, Nepal and other countries with large Indian subcontinent diaspora populations.

Earlier today, Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Monday extended his felicitations to the Hindu community on Holi, urging the people to commemorate the auspicious festival by making a resolve to “celebrate our differences as strengths.” In the Punjab province, a special Holi package was announced for 700 Hindu families.

President Asif Ali Zardari also extended congratulations to the Hindus on the occasion. Zardari said that Pakistan’s constitution guarantees religious freedom, reflecting its status as a diverse nation where people of all faiths coexist harmoniously. “May the celebrations also usher in peace, prosperity and joy not only in the lives of Hindus but in the lives of all people,” he said in his message on Sunday.

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