Genpact Social Impact Fellowship to transform 70k students life in India

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Genpact has announced the graduation of the first batch of the Genpact Social Impact Fellowship (GSIF) program on 24th of July. The year-long fellowship program in partnership with EdelGive Foundation, the philanthropic division of Edelweiss Group will deploy process excellence experts to generate social impact. In the first year, six fellows chosen among hundreds of applicants have been engaged in high-impact projects to create systemic change in the social sector.


Leveraging EdelGive Foundation’s experience in the social sector, the six GSIF fellows have collaborated with three leading non-profit organizations working in the area of education in India. Using Genpact’s core Lean Six Sigma expertise for designing and transforming processes, they significantly improved and eliminated redundant processes. Leading to better collaboration and compliance, the enhanced processes will transform the lives of more than 70,000 students in India.


The second batch of the fellowship is being launched with twice as many of fellows as well as non-profits. The open fellowship program invites applications from interested people from all backgrounds with a demonstrated passion for social impact. Genpact aims to develop GSIF into a successful, scalable program that can serve as a model for many other organizations wanting to make a lasting difference in the social sector


On the occasion Sasha Sanyal, SVP and Business Leader, Insurance, Diversity and CSR said, There has always been a need for additional capability building in the non-profit sector. Companies must focus on leveraging their skillsets to develop sustainable and scalable social impact. The Genpact Social Impact Fellowship is a unique bridge between the social and corporate sectors that allows our fellows to use Genpact’s deep process expertise to drive impact in the social sector. It’s heartening to see that the Fellows were able to leverage best practices from the social sector and Genpact to focus on the end goal – generating impact for the children”. 


Partnering with Teach for India (TFI), Anuj Chopra and Shreya Khedia have created a playbook of Common Minimum Practices (CMPs) for TFI program managers that will help 10,000 students get 100 more learning hours in a year. In a unique project with Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF), Genpact employees Tulsi Sahu and Seban Babu reengineered processes for the delivery of scholarships, mid-day meals, and textbooks to help 55,000 students receive their books and scholarships on time. Standardizing Udayan Care’s existing process framework allowed Pankaj Bhatia and Samarendra Patra to create a playbook for their employees so that the non-profit can double its impact by 2020 and touch the lives of 9,000 underprivileged girls.


Speaking on the event, Naghma Mulla, COO, EdelGive Foundation said, Combining the philanthropic expertise of EdelGive with Genpact’s Lean Six Sigma proficiency, the Genpact Social Impact Fellowship goes beyond traditional funding. The first edition of GSIF has yielded wonderful results and we hope to continue this journey well into the second year.” 

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