Heavy rainfall in Dubai, Authorities alerted people to stay clear of beaches

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Heavy rainfall in Dubai, thunderstorms hit UAE as safety alert issued.

in the morning, Dubai Police issued an alert, cautioning the public to steer clear of beaches and areas susceptible to flash floods. Simultaneously, the UAE’s National Center of Meteorology issued yellow and orange alerts, heightening awareness about the severe weather conditions.

The adverse weather conditions didn’t spare transportation networks, causing disruptions in both road traffic and flight operations in the Emirates. The Dubai Police took swift action to regulate traffic, ensuring observation of order amid the challenging circumstances due to thunderstorms.

Authorities alerted people to stay clear of beaches and areas prone to flash floods. Dubai roads were waterlogged and flooded after heavy rainfall and thunderstorms hit parts of the United Arab Emirates. Following the downpour, residents were advised to avoid beaches and stay indoors as traffic and flight operations were also affected.

People across Dubai shared visuals of the heavy rainfall on social media. In one of the videos shared on X (formerly Twitter), a man was seen rowing a small boat on a flooded road while other videos showed waterlogged and flooded roads.

Authorities alerted people to stay clear of beaches and areas prone to flash floods as well as exercise caution while driving. The UAE’s weather agency issued a yellow and orange alert.

Dubai municipality activated a preparedness plan to drain rainwater as more rainfall is expected in the UAE.

The government urged the private sector to allow flexible working following the rains while more rainfall is predicted in the next few days.


(With inputs from agencies)

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