Hockey India Refutes Allegations of Internal Discord: Calls for Unity and Support

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  • Elena Norman claimed that two groups existed within Hockey India.
  • Janneke Schopman addressed unequal treatment by HI administrators.
  • Hockey India dismissed both allegations.

In response to recent claims of internal divisions within the organization made by former officials Janneke Schopman and Elena Norman, Hockey India (HI) has vehemently denied these allegations, emphasizing its commitment to unity and the welfare of Indian hockey. The governing body released a joint statement by HI President Dilip Tirkey and Secretary General Bhola Nath Singh, asserting that the accusations are unfounded.

Addressing the allegations, HI stated, “Recently there have been statements by outgoing officials published in the media, claiming that there are divisions within the organization. This is not correct. We remain united in working together, and as always in the best interest of the sport.”

Furthermore, the statement highlighted HI’s dedication to equality and fair treatment, stating, “The Federation has treated the teams and all players equally with equal benefits and training facilities, including cash awards and monetary recognition that is at-par and is purely based on performance.”

Schopman, former head coach of the Indian women’s hockey team, alleged unequal treatment from HI administrators and expressed feeling isolated in her role, leading to her resignation. Meanwhile, Norman, the departing CEO of HI, spoke of the existence of two opposing groups within the organization, creating a challenging environment.

Norman explained, “Absolutely, it was getting tough to deliver in the fight between two factions. The environment was becoming suffocating. There are two factions in Hockey India.”

However, HI has refuted these claims, maintaining its stance of unity and impartiality in its operations. The federation urged the continued support of hockey enthusiasts and emphasized its focus on advancing the sport.

Schopman’s departure came shortly after the Indian women’s team failed to qualify for the Paris Olympic Games, while Norman’s resignation followed suit not long after. Their allegations have sparked attention, but HI remains firm in its denial, underscoring its commitment to the betterment of Indian hockey.

As Hockey India addresses these challenges, it calls upon stakeholders to rally behind the sport and its athletes. The organization seeks to maintain a cohesive environment conducive to the development and success of hockey in the nation.

(With inputs from agencies)

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