India ranks 3rd in terms of Pornhub Traffic in 2018

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The porn ban in the country couldn’t have helped things here. If one thinks banning pornography content or websites in India will drive the libido away from the citizens, one cannot be more wrong. But even with the ban in place, according to Pornhub, India’s average time spent on the website in 2018 has increased, though by only 2 seconds. The average Indian spent 8 minutes 23 seconds on the website (per session) this year and the surprising thing is that around 30% of Indian women browsed Pornhub in 2018 – as per the report.

In fact, Pornhub’s ‘2018 Year in Review’ has revealed that India ranks third among the countries with the most number of viewers visiting the leading pornographic website. “We stand on the third place behind USA and United Kingdom,” the website reported.

The traffic that the United States has, which is almost overflowing from the graph, is more than double of the traffic generated in India. Also In 2015, India knocked out Canada to grab the third position – after the US and Britain – in visiting one of the world’s largest adult websites Pornhub.

As per its annual review of how people around the world watch porn, Pornhub found that while the US added 11 seconds to their average time spent on watching porn, India – at 9 minutes 30 seconds – recorded a higher average time with a one-minute increase in the duration of each visit.

“More and more, we are finding that our users are opting for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets when they visit Pornhub,” the website noted.

They further revealed that every minute, more than 2 lakh people access the site, 7708 GB of data is transferred and views on Kim K’s ‘sex tape’ increase by 55 despite addition of 528 new videos.

In October, after complying with a Uttarakhand High Court’s order, the Center asked Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ban 827 porn-websites, including Pornhub. However, Pornhub launched a mirror website to circumvent the ban. It can be accessed using a new domain-

Defending the move, the website said watching adult content privately is completely legal in India.

With reference to the report, Pornhub VP said that they’re willing to work with Indian government. Talking about the ban, Pornhub Vice-President Corey Price complained that the “court banned larger sites and left many smaller sites, including ones that offer illegal content.” However, they’re willing to work with the Indian government to address their concerns and find a common ground, he added.


Top 20 Countries by Traffic

Coming back to Pornhub’s data in 2018 and 2017, apparently this year saw a 4% spike in Indian women savouring the pleasure of free porn, as compared to last year. Around 30% Indian women browsed Pornhub in 2018. In 2017, 26% of Indian women visited the site, which now stands at 30%. Also, India’s female visitors have increased the most out of any other country in 2017 compared to 2016—by 129% – a report published in November.

Our top search for 2018 was ‘Indian’. The top trend, on the other hand, was ‘hindi sexy film’, getting close competition from ‘bf sexy video’ and the most searched category was ‘milf’.


Top searches across the world were –

1. Stormy Daniels
2. Fortnight (Why?)
3. 4K (What?)
4. Romantic
5. Trans



India Top Searches

The top terms searched were ‘indian’, ‘indian college girls’, ‘indian hd sex’, ‘hindi sexy movie’, ‘full sex movies’, among others. Also, Indians “finished” within 8.23 minutes, becoming the second-last in the list. It however surpassed last year’s 8.20 minutes engagement.


As for the favorite categories from world over in different age-groups, from 18-24 it’s ‘hentai’, 25-34 it’s ‘Japanese’ and then it’s ‘milf’ till 65 and above.

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