Infosys Foundation Invests in Recreating Anupu


Infosys Foundation has announced the inauguration of the ‘Infosys Foundation Anupu Festival 2016’, a three-day cultural festival aimed at reviving the lost glory of Anupu and promoting the traditional art forms of Andhra Pradesh. In partnership with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (BVB), the festival fosters the vision of the Foundation to provide a platform to deserving artists and endorse endangered art forms of India.

Anupu, located on the banks of the Krishna River near Nagarjunasagar dam, is an expansive archaeological wonder of Buddhist learning and culture dating back to the third century. Discovered during the construction of the dam, the ruins of the ancient Buddhist center were unearthed, thus surfacing a site of architectural interest complete with a Vihara (Buddhist University), Harati temple and a large amphitheater.

The Infosys Foundation Anupu Festival 2016 is a celebration of India’s rich Buddhist heritage, where the ancient monument will reverberate with traditional performing arts events. In this unique festival, there will be fifteen events featuring more than 350 distinguished artistes who will present different art forms including music, dance, folk art and theatre.