LG rolls out 4G LTE Smartphone “X Power”

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LG Electronics has launched the smartphone “X Power” which has a 4,100mAh battery with a 1.83H port that enables the user to use his or her phone for long periods of time, as well as watch videos and take pictures.

LG’s Fast Charging technology PE+ makes it almost twice faster to charge than other batteries. While a regular battery takes about 4 hours to charge, the LG X power battery can be fully charged in just 1.8 hours with PE+ technology. This heavy-duty battery smartphone comes in its very slim and lightweight avatar at just 7.9mm slimness and mere 139gms weight.

Amit Gujral, Marketing Head, LG Mobiles, said, “We are relentless in our pursuit to ensure that all our products enable people’s life to become easier, efficient and help them work smarter. Today in India, we all are witnessing the 4G LTE evolution at a very fast pace and this technology brings excessive use of videos, music, streaming, etc, which are battery consumption-intensive features. Keeping in view the consumer’s needs, LG X Power brings huge 4,100mAh battery that runs longer under heavy multimedia use. With OTG support LG X Power, increases the simplicity of content sharing from/to smartphone. With the launch of the LG X power smartphone we hope to scale up the innovation level in the smartphone segment and continue to delight consumers.”

The phone caters to all categories of smartphone users. The battery chargers fast for longer periods of time. The phone consists of a fast backup system and allows the customization and organization of apps, making it easier for people to use the phone as everything has been put into place according to their priority. It has a 13MP Back and a 5MP Front Camera which allows users to capture the important moments of their life in snapshot and film form. Having an arc- shaped look to it, this smartphone is stylish and elegant with its slim design and light weight. It has a 5.3’’ HD display which enables people to watch videos with clarity. Other features include the auto shot, the film effect, the gesture selfie, the quick share and more. l

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