Made-in-India “digital pill” to undergo first-of-its-kind clinical trial for Diabetes

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The #WeDiDiT (Wellthy Digital Diabetes Therapy) trial is all set to prove the efficacy of its 16-week structured diabetes management programme delivered through a mobile app. The trial was launched by Past President of RSSDI, Dr. Sarita Bajaj at the RSSDI Annual Conference in Bhubaneswar in the first week of November. The outcome of this multi-center randomized control trial will be measured by the HbA1C levels of patients before and after the trial.


As part of the programme, personalized diabetes self-management education and real time coaching will be offered through dedicated health coaches and an artificial intelligence powered chat bot, to engage and improve the health of patients with type 2 diabetes by facilitating behaviour change.


Commenting on the first-of-its-kind initiative in India, Abhishek Shah, Co-founder and CEO of Wellthy Therapeutics said, “On World Diabetes Day, we re-affirm our commitment to solve for the diabetes epidemic. Conducting a clinical trial on a mobile app is unprecedented in India and we are extremely optimistic about the study outcomes. While the Wellthy app has already demonstrated its efficacy in various pilot studies, this formal clinical trial conducted with the RSSDI will provide the evidence necessary to show that digital therapeutics have the potential to improve the lives of diabetes patients in India and around the world.”


Dr. Rajeev Chawla, Current President Elect of RSSDI said, “The need for digital interventions in diabetes care is more now than ever, especially in India. The Wellthy Diabetes intervention is an innovation born out of India, for Indians and South Asians. This clinical trial holds tremendous potential in terms of changing outcomes for persons living with diabetes by making it easier for them to manage their blood sugar levels and improving their overall quality of life.”


Dr. Sarita Bajaj, the Past President of RSSDI added, “Wellthy and RSSDI together are set to launch the first ever landmark trial in South Asia to test the impact of using digital technologies to manage diabetes, which is the need of the hour today. The RSSDI doctors conducting the trial will offer the app to their patients to download, and as the intervention progresses, study how it impacts their patients and their clinical management. “


Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires treatment for life. This makes adherence to blood sugar controlling lifestyle modifications such as healthy eating, physical activity, and timely medication mandatory. It is common for patients to make an error in their diabetes management by either overeating carbohydrates on a particular day, not exercising enough, or forgetting to take their medicine.


The diabetes burden in India is enormous. As per data by the International Diabetes Federation, there are an estimated 69.1 million people living with diabetes in India and another 77.2 million with pre-diabetes which is a high-risk condition for diabetes and cardio-vascular disease. The need of the hour is to manage this epidemic using behavioural change in the population and only technology seems like the likely answer to scale it up at an economical cost.

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