Madras High Court lashed out on Election Commission

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Madras HC Threatens To Halt Counting Of Votes And Lashes At Election Commission For Allowing The Spread Of Virus Through Political Campaigns


There was growing criticism and anger across the country on the way the government has handled the health infrastructure  and at the same time the national leaders could travel across the length and breadth of the country along with their supports for the election rallies to get organised.


The court observes, on how political rallies were held even as cases of COVID were skyrocketing. The anger towards the organizers of the rally was immense. The Madras High Court now squarely has the Election Commission guilty of the second wave of COVID 19.


The Madras High Court out rightly criticized the Election Commission of India for allowing Political rallies to be held during the COVID- 19 pandemic. Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee, who looked visibly disturbed, stated to the Election Commission’s Counsel, “Your institution is singularly responsible for the second wave of COVID-19. Your offices should be booked for murder charges probably.”

Counting Of the votes will be halted, Madras HC Warns Election Commission. The Commission has failed to enforce Covid protocols and regulations during the election rallies despite orders from the Court regarding wearing face masks, using sanitisers, etc.


The Court has warned that if the ECI does not put a blueprint for ensuring COVID compliance by May 2, the counting of the votes will be halted. The Chief Justice also added that “Public health is of paramount importance, and it is distressing that constitutional authorities have to be reminded in such regard.” reported Live Law.


The bench, which also included Justice Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy, ordered the Election Commission of India and the Tamil Nadu Chief Electoral Officer to write to the Health Secretary to implement the COVID-19 protocol on the day of the counting.


The bench instructed that the blueprint must be released by April 30. “The matter will appear on April 30 to review the situation when a complete picture as to adequate steps having been taken will be clear”, the bench stated.

The Logical Indian is stunned by the complete lack of regard for safety protocols enforced in the recent election rallies. The only thing that was more shocking was the full participation of the ruling government and the involvement of other parties in crowd gathering. Countless lives lost, hospitals choking and people nervous and in fear.


There ought to have been a comprehensive consultation before Elections were announced. The Election Commission has been lackadaisical in its approach, which has already caused the most rampant spread of the disease. :

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