Number of girls opting for Mechanical & Automobile engineering is on rise


Bajaj Auto some time ago rolled 400 cc bike by all-women engineers’ assembly informs, Automobile Expert and Former Senior Executive General Motors Dr. Rao M. Chalasani, who is also the MD of Deccan Auto Ltd while addressing a largest gathering of Mechanical Engineers. Most of them were women at BVRIT recently immediately after kicked off Telangana’s first Indian Pro-Kart Endurance Championship (IPEC 2018) and Asian E-Bike Challenge.


Dr. Rao, the MD of Deccan Auto, a Rs 250-crore bus making unit and the first Integrated bus manufacturing plant in India said women are more efficient and proven than men.


Many women were behind Bajaj Auto’s wheels. Bajaj Auto’s Chakan plant has a unique feature – it has women only assembly lines and these women make some of the most powerful motorcycles in the country. Over 130 women are said to be working in that plant.  Women are found to be working in two main assembly lines–Vehicle Assembly and Engine Assembly lines.


One of the facilities of Yamaha Motors in India is said to have an entire assembly line for scooters that was kicked off with 200 women in late 2012. Girls are also working on the Assembly lines of Ford Motors added Dr. Rao.


“Until recently more girls used to prefer IT stream in Engineering.  As IT is losing its sheen, more girls are opting for Mechanical Engineering. Women are gearing up for careers in the auto industry.  Mechanical Engineering is no longer a male dominated industry,” said K.V. Vishnu Raju, Chairman of Sri Vishnu Educational Society.


It is not only Mechanical Engineering, but also Chemical Engineering which is now preferred by many girls. They are the core engineering subjects, added K.V. Vishnu Raju.