Our Initiative

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>>Promotion Of Education

Promoting Primary Education, Secondary Education, Higher Education, Non Formal Education, Adult Education, Computer Education, Skill Development & Vocational Education, Technical Education, Traditional Education, Rural Education, and Education for Minorities by serving the needs and causes.

>>Promoting Gender Equality And Women Empowerment

Working in the areas of educating girls, increasing literacy rates among women, increasing early childhood development interventions, increasing women’s labor force participation and strengthening labor policies affecting women, improving women’s access to credit, land and other resources, promoting women’s political rights and participation, expanding reproductive health programs and family support policies.

>>Ensuring Environmental Sustainability

Working for biodiversity, energy, climate change, environment education, waste, forests, pollution – air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution. Disaster Management like natural disasters like cyclone, earth quake, flood etc.

>>Employment Enhancing Vocational Skills

Working in the areas of extensive participation by the business sector in planning and implementing vocational training and examinations. Improving practical training and professional advancement of teachers. By implementing of an examination and certification system based on professional skills. Improve technical equipment required for training. Enhancing the practical relevance of training, cooperation with businesses and promotion of employment-relevant skills outside the formal system. Diversification of the training programme for employees and self-employed workers in the modern sector and in the informal sector. By educating the relevant laws and regulations and coordinating with the regulatory bodies with the participation of the business sector. Implementation of sustainable financing models.

>>Promoting Health Care Including Preventive Health Care

Ensuring medical and legal aid, treatment to the needy. Coordinating for aids and appliances to the differently-able persons. Coordinating and providing aid as a disaster relief measure.

>>Welfare of the SC/ST/OBC/ Minorities and Women

Ensuring the welfare of economically and educationally backward minority students by promoting Merit, Vocational and Technical Scholarships and finance. Integrating development by promoting technology and education and thereby enhancing employment. Security and dignity to all especially women. Untouchability and discrimination against Minorities and women.

>>Consumer Education and Awareness

Coordinating and implementation of an effective consumer grievance redressal platform. Protecting consumers’ right, health and safety, ensuring service, support and complaint resolution through programmes and activities on the line of rural development, education etc.