P.V. Sindhu Eyes Third Olympic Medal with Smarter Play

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P.V. Sindhu is gearing up for her third Olympic journey, aiming for another medal at the Paris Games. She acknowledges how much badminton has evolved since she clinched a silver at the Rio Games eight years ago. Speaking at a Zoom press conference organized by the Sports Authority of India on Sunday, the 28-year-old noted significant changes in the game.

Adapting to New Challenges

Sindhu, who also secured a bronze in Tokyo three years ago and became India’s first badminton world champion in 2019, emphasized the importance of adapting to the sport’s current demands. “It’s going to be really hard because everyone knows each other’s game, and the game has completely changed,” she said.

Rise of Defensive Play

One of the major shifts Sindhu pointed out is the game’s increased emphasis on defense and longer rallies, which test players’ fitness and endurance. “The game was very attacking, but now it’s more of a rally game. Defense has become so strong that you need to prepare for longer rallies,” she explained.

Facing Physically Tougher Opponents

Sindhu observed that today’s players are physically stronger and less likely to give away easy points or commit simple errors. To stay competitive, she is focusing on enhancing her physical and mental resilience.

New Coaching Strategy

Teaming up with Indonesian coach Agus Dwi Santoso, Sindhu is refining her skills to ensure a smarter approach in Paris. “I have experience on my side, and physically and mentally, I’m right there. It’s just that I need to be much smarter,” she said, highlighting the strategic depth required to compete at the highest level.

Overcoming Recent Challenges

Despite dropping out of the top 10 due to an ankle injury and a dip in form, Sindhu remains optimistic. Known for her ability to elevate her game at major events, she is working diligently on all aspects of her play, including defense, attack, and net play.

Preparing for Every Scenario

Sindhu stressed the importance of versatility and preparation for unexpected challenges. “I’m working on all the strokes, whether it’s my defense, attack, or net play,” she shared. “You never know what it’s going to take, so you need to be prepared for everything.”

With a focus on perfecting her game and strategies, P.V. Sindhu is determined to bring home another Olympic medal. Her commitment to adapting and improving demonstrates her dedication to remaining at the top of her sport, ready to face the evolving challenges of international badminton.


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