Protecting Digital World Has The Major Challenge

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It is absolutely fact that the digital workloads are mission critical but very fragile and those are need to get protected. The digital world is the 5th basic human need and the world can’t go on without IT anymore. As the Industrialization of cyber-crime, AI & exploit automation, ransomware, Zero-day exploits, exploit-as-a-service to maintain the privacy. With this there is growing need for a protection platform vendor independent from a production platform vendor is required to enable freedom of choice. 83% of IT managers agree that cyber threats have become harder to stop over the last year. Therefore choosing a Firewall is a big decision. It is definitely a big challenge on what should you look for and how can you be sure of making the right choice?


Companies of all sizes and from both private and public sectors need cybersecurity professionals. There is growing demand for the cyber skills gap affects organizations worldwide and ultimately impacts the digital economy. Cybersecurity training is more important than ever as the skill gap has become a critical issue for many organizations. In the face of mounting cybercriminal activity and increasingly sophisticated forms of attacks, companies are looking for cybersecurity professionals to defend against threats. Networks are a fundamental component of any modern organization’s information systems. The advancement of technology and digital innovations also implies an increase in threats and vulnerabilities. This is why at CIISA we feel that it is crucial to prepare our students to be capable of developing an advanced security posture for their future employers.


Secondly, I am a strong believer that in every crisis there is opportunity. And the bigger the crisis, the bigger the opportunity. Digital technology has brought new opportunities to innovate, compete and drive economic growth. Resulted, with the big screens shutting, production has come to a halt, advertisement has been disrupted, e-commerce is on rise, observed a big shift, entertainment consumption is on the rise at home.


The situation in cybersecurity reflects skills shortages in the wider IT market. However, the growing scale and intensity of cyberattacks means that demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing much faster than in other segments of the IT job market. A report says, cybersecurity skills shortage has created additional cyber risks for their organization. Demand is strong. It’s an unfortunate truth that cyberattacks are a permanent fact of life. As companies continue to embark on their digital transformation, allow people to work from home on a semi-permanent basis, or put data and tools on the cloud, the need for security expertise isn’t going away anytime soon. That means the need for people with security skills will continue to grow. One estimate of the global shortfall of skilled workers already surpassed four million workers before the pandemic.


As one technology leads to bring another technology to solve the crisis, we are entering into the quantum world and quantum Internet with robust security, higher speeds and many more . There is a global race to use quantum computing for a new era of communications and it has several advantages in that, it is almost impossible to hack and can detect attacks in real time.



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