Rashtrapati Bhawan, PMO, Supreme Court install DRDO’s automatic mist based sanitizer dispensing unit


India: All government offices and residences of notable personnel, including Rashtrapati Bhawan, PMO, Supreme Court, Ministry of Home Affairs, among others have been equipped with DRDO and Riot Labz developed OakMist, contactless sanitizer dispenser which sprays alcohol-based hand rub sanitizer solution. Following an advisory on MHA for Lockdown’s phase 3 on contactless sanitization, the product has been made available for masses today, and is available for pre-booking at https://oakmist.com


Named OakMist, the product is based on water mist aerator technology, which was developed for water conservation. The unit operates without contact and is activated through an ultrasonic sensor. A single fluid nozzle with low flow rate is used to generate aerated mist to dispense the hand rub sanitizer. This sanitizer the hands with minimum wastage. Using atomizer, only 5-6 ml sanitizer is released for 12 seconds in one operation and it gives the full

We frequently touch our eyes, nose, and mouth throughout the day. According to recent research, the number of times we touch our faces can be anywhere around 23 to 50 times per day. OakMist is a must for all establishments, commercial and noncommercial to ensure utmost safety against Coronavirus.


The unit has already been installed in major government offices including DRDO Bhawan, PMO, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Army offices, Supreme Court and other premises. “India’s fight against the novel Corona can only be won by adopting healthy health habits, sanitization being prime of all. Riot Labs is taking this innovation across the length and width of the country.” said, Shishir Gupta, Founder and CEO, Riot Labz.