Samsung comes with Galaxy Chromebook Go with LTE and many surprise features

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Samsung has released a commercial for the new Galaxy Chromebook Go, showcasing the LTE version. The new Galaxy Chromebook Go is most certainly an eye-catcher and the Intel Jasper Lake CPUs powering the device are sure to make it a decent performer for even moderate workloads.


The promotional video shows a touchscreen in action on the LTE model of the Galaxy Chromebook Go. With the addition of a touchscreen, the LTE version of the Galaxy Chromebook Go could cost a creature more.


With a premium design, decent specs, a wealth of connectivity options, a touchscreen, and a price not much higher than the $299 of the Wi-Fi-only model, this hypothetical Chromebook could be a huge deal.


The laptop is expected to be available with 8GB RAM and either 64GB or 128GB of non-volatile storage. The touchscreen and stylus version is expected to be priced at $ 450.

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