Sattarghat Bridge collapses within twenty-nine days of inauguration


A newly constructed bridge collapsed in the district of Gopalganj in Bihar. The bridge was inaugurated by CM Nitish Kumar on June 15 and aimed at helping the general public. But the bridge collapsed after rains and a little flood. The public is furious over the bad construction and quality of work and call for an answer from the Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. The incident has brought out the debate on the bad construction of work as well as poor quality of work assessment to bad contractors. The CM has not yet commented on the issue.


However, Bihar Road Construction Minister, Nand Kishore Yadav has said, “The approach slab that has collapsed is 2 km away from main Sattarghat Bridge. No damages have been caused to any bridge. Just the approach slab of a minor bridge has collapsed.”


The construction of the bridge reportedly took eight years to complete and was finally inaugurated last month.


RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav has said, “After eight years of work, the Sattarghat Bridge was finally opened 29 days ago. The bridge cost Rs 264 crore. Did the Chief Minister open the bridge in a hurry to get accolades? We want the company that built this bridge to be blacklisted immediately.”