VMware offers solutions that help in building a Digital Foundation for modern IT


Mohit Arora, Senior Director – Commercial Business, VMware India


Building a Resilient & Agile Brand

VMware is well-positioned to accelerate its strategy and continue driving success into FY22 and beyond by building a strong business and with its vision and strategy resonating with customers. It is shifting its focus towards consumption-based licensing or subscription-based licensing that can address the problem of liquidity as well for its customers.

VMware has been successfully helping its customers in delivering Modern Apps, Multi cloud and Anywhere workspace solutions. These solution areas are perfectly aligned with market demand.

Accelerating Digital Transformation
VMware is building a dynamic, global workforce of the future where its people work from any location that accelerates their productivity to deliver the most innovative solutions for its customers. The foundation of VMware’s business is grounded on its ability to run, manage, connect and protect any application on any cloud and any device.

VMware uses its products and technology to solve the most critical challenges. VMware Workspace ONE is a platform that allows its colleagues to fully access their apps and other critical work via any device, and not just a corporate one. It deploys VMware Tunnel to establish a seamless VPN-like connection that instantly recognizes colleague credentials and allows access to any internal page. The virtual VMware Horizon desktops have apps that can mimic Windows, yet do not need a laptop to operate, allowing colleagues to access all their software. Lastly, VMware’s ‘no-touch laptop provisioning process doesn’t require IT to set up the machines as laptops are shipped directly from the factory. Similar capabilities are available for smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Creating Customer Experience
As a tech company, VMware has seen that customers are going through the same challenges. The customer requirements have changed in the last year or two. VMware is now looking at serving a highly distributed remote workforce and making necessary changes with a new digital-first customer approach.

VMware has adapted quickly to support its customers and help them respond to the challenges without disruption. Its digital workspace solutions have been at the disposal of the customers when they needed to shift to remote work environments.

Building a Cybersecurity Defense
By providing solutions to build a digital foundation for modern IT, VMware is in a unique position to address security challenges with intrinsic security. VMware offers a cloud-native endpoint protection platform that works with the infrastructure to protect from modern attacks, reduce the impact on end-user devices and decrease management overhead associated with legacy antivirus solutions.VMware’s networking security solutions protect apps and data across multi-cloud environments by employing network security policies specific to every app and workload.

Similarly, VMware solutions give its users an easy way to manage and safeguard users, applications and endpoint devices—while delivering an exceptional user experience through digital workspaces. It also offers cloud security solutions, which offer real-time detection and response capabilities for multiple public cloud providers.

Complementing Digital India
Throughout this challenging year, VMware has seen countless examples of how customers, across industries, and at different stages of digital transformation, have pivoted. These also include supporting its customers in the government(s) and pubic sector undertakings.

To encourage a digital-first public sector, VMware has partnered with several Smart City projects in the cities of Dehradun, Bhopal, Pimpri Chinchwad, as well as accelerating cloud for faster delivery of services in organizations such as Power Finance Corporation, National Informatics Centre, Oil India Limited and Indian Ports Association. During the last year, VMware has also supported projects in the public sector such as RailTel, Indian Oil Corporation, NABARD, Madhya Pradesh PoorvKshetra Vidyut Vitaran across the country.

VMware has helped achieve digital transformation in governance across the country by helping most state governments invest in local technology infrastructure to support their citizens digitally.

For instance, VMware helped National Informatics Centre (NIC) in its endeavor to set up the Government Cloud that has led to the provisioning of state-of-the-art scalable infrastructure, on-demand to government ministries and departments. RailTel also partnered with VMware to accelerate its digital transformation journey with a cloud setup for eOffice rollout and IT services to Indian Railways dept/entities.