Vodafone reiterates its commitment towards women employees through ‘Project Comfort’

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On the occasion of the International Women’s Day 2018, Vodafone India re-inforced its commitment to the Health, Safety and well- being of women employees in Punjab, HP and JK by extending Vodafone ‘Project Comfort’ on the digital platform. The digitization of Vodafone ‘Project Comfort’ has been undertaken with a twin objective of easing access to safe and hygienic washroom facilities for women employees at Vodafone office, retail outlets and field jobs across the states of Punjab, Himachal and JK and facilitating feedback mechanism from them. 


Vodafone ‘Project Comfort’ was born from Vodafone’s philosophy of providing women employees with a Safe workplace, Safe travel and Safe stay. Feedback taken from women employees revealed they often chose to stay dehydrated to avoid use of unhygienic washrooms. This was an important insight and Vodafone took it very seriously. With Vodafone ‘Project Comfort’ every time a woman employee goes on field duty, Vodafone ensures she has access to a safe, hygienic washroom facility in that office/market beat/retail outlet location.


Today, Vodafone has announced the extension of ‘Project Comfort’ to the Digital Platform by mapping all washrooms available near distributer points and retail outlets, visible only to women employees on Google Maps. This will help:


·         Expand the reach of ‘Project Comfort’ for all female Vodafone employees working in market facing jobs

·         Extend ease of access

·         Provide a digital feedback mechanism for online audit of facilities and  add new identified locations

·         Employees can plan their market visit and travel beat accordingly


Extending his International Women’s Day greetings to all women employees, Arvind Nevatia, Business Head – Punjab, HP and JK, Vodafone India, said, “Vodafone distributors in various parts of Punjab, HP and JK have been roped in ‘Project Comfort’ to ensure there is a toilet close by for all our women field employees. Cleanliness parameters have been specified for each toilet to adhere to.  Digitising ‘Project Comfort’ is a step forward and provides more visibility and ease of access to these comfort points at the fingertip. As on date, we have collected data on current comfort points and all identified points have been tagged on google maps. Women employees in the circle have been given access to the Vodafone Comfort point map and have been requested to rate the comfort points on a scale of 1 to 5 based on hygiene and safety of the facility on an ongoing basis. Comfort points with low rating will be guided to take corrective actions. Employees will be encouraged to keep sharing information on new washrooms near distributors and retail locations that can be added to the map.

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