Why are we trying to hide actual number of COVID-19 deaths?

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The Indian Medical Association has accused the Centre of not carrying out transparency in reporting and making registry of COVID-19 deaths. “Hundreds of deaths happening in big hospitals are shown as non-COVID deaths and crematoriums are showing houseful boards.


RT-PCR negative, but CT positive cases aren’t counted. Why are we trying to hide actual deaths?” IMA in wrote a letter to the health ministry.


In the letter, the Association has alleged that suggestions of its members and other colleagues are “put in to the dustbin” and that decisions regarding the pandemic are taken without understanding ground realities.


The IMA also said that in the last 20 days it has been insisting on a planned, pre-announced lockdown, as opposed to separate lockdowns called by different states for 10-15 days. This, the association said, would give the medical infrastructure and personnel time to replenish and prepare itself for the increasing case load. It will also stem the spread of the virus, they said.


The Association also asked why the government rolled out universal vaccination so late, and why vaccines were not made available in a manner that they can be available for everybody. It also questioned the differential pricing of vaccines.


The IMA also questioned underreporting of Covid data saying “we have lost 756 doctors in the first wave and 146 rapidly in the second. Hundreds of deaths in bug hospitals are being shown as non Covid and crematoriums are full. RTPCR negative but CT scan positive cases are not being counted. Why are we trying to hide actual deaths? If people know about actual deaths, seriousness about Covid behaviour will rise,” said the IMA asking the Centre to wake up from its slumber.


Further, the letter also points out oxygen shortages, how doctors are falling to the virus and the need to augment research. In this regard it has suggested that the healthcare budget be augmented to 8 percent of GDP.

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