Why India for healthcare


Welcome to the world of a good health. This is exciting times for  India. The country nervousness and anxiety in challenging its own limitations is now a thing of past. It is time  India  asserts as a giant among nations and also as one of the world’s top medical  tourism  destinations.

India: A Tourist Mecca

Home to one of the earliest known civilisations in the world India is a country with a captivating history.  When you think of India ancient historical landmarks, temples, bustling bazaars, majestic mountains, and stunning beaches, exotic wildlife may spring to mind. Old co-exists beside the new in the traditional bazaars and modern boutiques, and the blue waters of the Sea, along with historical remains make India a wonderful holiday destination, as well as a top spot for recovery after some treatment.

Delhi is perhaps India’s most famous city, and is the country’s bustling metropolis and a wonderful destination, while Mumbai is the financial capital and is a modern, sophisticated place with plenty of colonial landmarks, museums, cafes and restaurants.  The coastal areas of Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal are very popular with the stunning beaches that attract sun-seeking holiday-makers to experience water sports or simply unwind on a wide numbers of stunning beaches fringed with palm trees.

India as a medical tourism hub

Many hospitals  in  India  have  excellent  medical  and  surgical  facilities  and  offer  an  attractive  alternative  which  you  may  wish  to  consider  if  you  are  looking  for  private  hospital  treatment. India’s state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics provide an affordable private  medical  care in a holiday -like environment which is beneficial to recovery. The patients feel more relaxed about having their treatment in such an exciting location.    The hospitals and clinics in the Hospitals are typically situated in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Kolkata. These places are conveniently situated for sightseeing, accommodation and shopping.

Health care providers in  India  have set new benchmark for the health care industry in  India. The multi specialty hospitals in  India  provide for all conceivable facilities ad needs of an individual.
Once you step in to the reassuring premises of the hospitals you will find that they can cater to everything ranging from primary healthcare to the highest quality tertiary services.

The buildings of these hospitals house outpatient clinics, state of the art diagnostics, operation theatres ad acre beds, besides a wide rage of rooms for inpatients ranging from comfortable twin sharing rooms to luxurious suites for the best brushing care.

These multi specialty hospitals are run by those who have decades of experience in running hospitals. Hence they understand the prerequisites of building up excellent institutions for healthcare.
These hospitals are designed to ensure the comfort and happiness of all. Comfortable outpatient departments are grouped together to maximize the convenience for patients.

When it comes to diagnostics facilities, the hospitals in  India  rival the best in the world. These hospitals provide for a range of laboratory testing that is unmatched. High resolutions imaging machines include top of the line MRI, CT and PET scans besides the latest equipment in ultrasound and Doppler. The intensive care units are carefully designed to cater to the needs of even the most serious patients while the operation theaters can cater to the most difficult surgeries including organ transplants, advanced cardiac procedures, orthopedic procedures, cancer surgeries, neurosurgery and laparoscopies.

The residential apartments and campus for doctors, nurses and technicians ensure that they are available for call for patients.

But above all there is warmth and loving care. The gentle touch and reassuring words of the doctors and the tender ministrations of an efficient but friendly nurse are truly in contrast to today’s materialistic world. Our doctors are truly able to connect and understand the fears and anxieties of patients and relatives, which puts the patients on their road to recovery.

Popular medical Packages
SPA Treatment

Once enjoyed only by Indians but now gaining a worldwide popularity thanks in part to the growing number of Indian spas, hordes of visitors to India are discovering the holistic benefits of traditional Indian massages.

You will be amazed at the curative and rejuvenating abilities of a therapeutic Ayurvedic massage, since it is actually a holistic therapy with ancient roots in traditional medicine and derives its origins from ancient India.

In India, Ayurveda has been practiced over the centuries as a form of healing of ailments like headaches, backaches, tension and fevers. Ayurveda has a proven track record in treating a wide range of specific ailments, such as osteoarthritis and obesity.

The very words of Ayurvedic massage bring to the mind the destination of Kerala, India’s most verdant state. Almost every hotel in India now offers Ayurvedic treatments.

Dental Care Package

Everyone wants that million dollar ‘Hollywood smile’? It is also a known fact dental care procedure in other countries of the world doesn’t come cheap. However,  India  offers the same dental surgery at a fraction of the price.

Added to this, the patients can recuperate in some of the most spectacular travel destinations in the world. They can pamper themselves during their stay in  India. Those receiving inpatient procedures choose to stay in hotels that rival the best in the world. However the total cost of hotels and  medical  care is minimum compared to that in their home country.

The outpatients can use the time enjoying a wonderful holiday—all at a significant savings.

People from across the world are practicing dental  tourism  and have been traveling to  India  for their dental care needs. The dental care facilities in  India  offer the standard dental cleaning, amalgam filling, gingivitis treatment and sealants.

Some of the Dental Procedures practiced in  India  are Apicoectomy, Dental Bonding, Dental Bridges, Dental Caps, Dental Fillings, Dental Implants, Porcelain Tooth Crowns, Root Canal, Teeth Whitening, Tooth Contouring and Tooth Veneers

Also known as a root-end resection, Apicoectomy is the  medical  procedure which involves the removal of the tip of a tooth. Treatment of the inside of a tooth is known as root canal therapy.

Dental crowns, more popularly known as dental caps are used to cover the entire tooth by dentists. This procedure is apposed to teeth fillings that are used to correct cavities thereby patching holes in teeth. Crowns can be made of metal, porcelain or plastic. Though porcelain is expensive, it is durable.

The metals that are used in making dental caps are gold alloy, palladium, nickel and chromium. Dental fillings are used by dentists to fill cavities in the decayed teeth.    One of the commonest dental procedures, dental filling is also used for the treatment of broken or cracked teeth.

Teeth whitening or bleaching as it is generally called has become increasingly a popular dental procedure in recent times.

Tooth contouring is used by the dentist to alter the shape position and length, position of tooth and is a very popular dental procedure. Tooth contouring is offered to those who have overlapping teeth, crooked teeth, chipped teeth or cracked teeth.    Tooth contouring can be performed in just one session.

Porcelain is generally used in the making of veneer which is a thin covering custom-made to fit over the existing tooth. The fitting of veneer is an almost painless treatment. Veneer fitting is durable and looks entirely natural. Veneers can be replaced after a gap of five years.

Skin treatment
Those seeking Skin treatment procedure no longer have to worry about high costs, long waiting lines, and no health insurance coverage. The booming industry of  medical  care in  India  has paved the way for  medical  tourism  in the country.

A good amount of savings can be made by travelling to  India  for skin treatment like hair removal, skin refurcing.

People opt for skin procedures, also known as skin Rejuvenation or skin Resurfacing for many reasons including enhancing their self-confidence by removing unwanted hair, scars on the skin and freckles. Facial aging is caused by a variety of reasons. Important among them are aging, genetic, smoking, alcohol consumption and sun exposure. Skin Procedures are used to minimize the effects of facial wrinkles.

Blotchiness or brown spots on the skin also occur due to a variety of factors such as pregnancy, birth control pills or genetic factors. Other skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis can be treated with skin procedures.

These skin disorders can be improved by skin treatments. Skin treatment can be performed at any age.

The process of laser hair removal is undertaken by the doctors to damage the end of the hair or the hair follicles. Those who wish to have a laser hair removal treatment should keep themselves away from the sun exposure for a few weeks before the procedure. If the patient is on any medication, it is important to tell the doctor because some medications have the potential of reducing the effects of the skin treatment procedure. You run the risk of courting health risks by combining the hair removal procedure and some medications.

While going for hair removal treatment there is a possibility you may experience a small amount of pain. However you don’t need to be worried. The pain is often manageable. Your doctor can also explore the possibility of anesthesia.

Skin resurfacing is a skin treatment procedure that refreshes the layers of the skin. This results in the creation of smooth looking skin. Skin treat procedure can be undertaken for people of every age.

The hospitals and clinics in  India  offer an array of skin treatments for  medical  tourists. Many  medical  facilities in  India  offer hair removal and skin resurfacing. The cost of skin treatments in  India  is less expensive compared to other countries such as the US, Canada and European countries.

Skin treatment in  India  has witnessed a major increase in its services with the spectacular advancements skin treatment has made in the recent past.  Medical  tourism  in  India  has expanded into a big global market, and it continues to grow. It is no surprise that more and more patients are choosing to visit  India  to have skin treatment.


As a destination for healthcare India ticks many boxes.    If you require treatment which involves follow-ups India is ideal for patients from the US, Canada and other European countries with frequent services from various airlines of the world.    Equally, you can save a lot on private treatments, even with the cost of flights and accommodation.

You can have huge savings on cosmetic surgery, eye surgery, dentistry, orthopedic surgery and transplantation surgery,  heart surgery, health check up, breast reduction surgery, foot surgery in India, neurosurgery, obesity surgery, hip replacement, hair transplant, plastic surgery, renal transplantation, rhinoplasty in India, sexual treatments, skin treatment, spine surgery, sterilisation reversal, weight Loss surgery.

This prices are lower than in other parts of the US,    the UK and other countries of the Europe.  These lower prices are possible because in India employees’ wages are lower and the cost of medication in India is cheaper.

The language in India is Hindi and many regional languages but English is spoken by a large number of people, especially in big cities and in the  tourist  places.. In short – India provides competitively-priced surgery and treatment in an enticing country with warm hospitality of the Indians, a pleasant climate and refreshing Arabian Sea breezes.