Women Voters Men in Fifth Phase of Lok Sabha Polls; Amethi, Raebareli See Higher Female Turnout

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In a first in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls, women voters have outnumbered men and average turnout in a phase. In the fifth phase of polling, held on May 20, the male turnout was 61.48 per cent while the average turnout was 62.2 per cent. Surpassing the two figures, the female turnout in the fifth phase polling stood at 63 per cent, data from the Election Commission of India, analysed by News18, shows.

The analysis also showed that when compared to female turnout in the earlier phases, the turnout in the fifth phase was the lowest. In the first, second and fourth phase, women turnout was above 66 per cent and in the third phase it was around 65 per cent.

West Bengal’s Arambagh (84%), Bangaon (82.1%), Hooghly (81.47%) and Uluberia (80.13%) were the seats with highest women voter turnout. These were also the seats with highest voter turnout under the fifth phase – Arambagh (82.62%), Bangaon (81.04%), Hooghly (81.38%), and Uluberia (79.78%).

Maharashtra’s Kalyan (47.75%) and Mumbai South (50.02%) were the seats with lowest women turnout. The two seats, with just about 50 per cent average turnout, also reported lowest voter turnout in the phase.

Showing exceptionally higher female turnout at 70 per cent against male’s 54 per cent, Jharkhand’s Kodarma stood at the top position in women voters outnumbering men.

In Bihar’s Madhubani, against the male turnout of 46.66 per cent, the female turnout stood at 60.08 per cent and the average was 53.04 per cent. In Bihar’s Sitamarhi too, against the male turnout of 50.47 per cent, female participation was 62.62 per cent.

In Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi and Raebareli too, women voters outnumbered men. In Raebareli, the male turnout was 55.09 per cent and female voting was 61.42 per cent. In Amethi, these numbers were 51.26 per cent for males and 57.75 per cent for females.

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