Work For Humankind India: Lenovo’s Smarter Technology Supports the Millet Revival to Benefit tribal households in Kerala

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  • The India edition of Lenovo’s global Work for Humankind initiative commemorates the International Year of Millets, aiming to improve the accessibility and productivity of millet farmers in Kanthalloor, Kerala
  • Kanthalloor, a pristine location, is home to 13 tribal wards that have traditionally farmed millet for generations.
  • Using Lenovo technology, volunteers, local students, and influencers will collaborate to make a lasting positive impact in a currently underserved community whilst working remotely.

Following the global success of Lenovo’s Work For Humankind initiative, Lenovo announces the launch of its India edition of Work For Humankind, which will use Lenovo’s smarter technology to revive millet cultivation in the scenic village of Kanthalloor, Kerala. In partnership with Dream India Network and local student volunteers, Lenovo employees will make a long-lasting positive impact on the millet farming community while working remotely from Kanthalloor.

Work For Humankind’s location, Kanthalloor, is a village surrounded by the Western Ghats mountains. It’s a location under constant cover of mist and evergreen forest, and a fertile agricultural paradise. Historically, over 18 varieties of millet were grown in this region, but today the farmers of this village have given up on traditional millet cultivation due to factors such as climate change and a lack of formal market access. Only one tribal community, continues to grow millet for self-consumption. To revive millet farming practices in this secluded community, Lenovo’s smarter technology will play a pivotal role in improving accessibility, increasing awareness around the benefits of millet farming, and enhancing local farming knowledge and best practices.  Lenovo employees, student volunteers, agriculture experts, and influencers with diverse skill sets will be chosen to participate in this initiative, supporting the local community in millet cultivation while continuing to work their regular day jobs remotely from Kanthalloor.

Lenovo is setting up the ‘Lenovo Digital Centre for Kanthalloor Millets’ at IHRD College Kanthalloor, the first centre of its kind for the millet farming community. The centre will be powered by Lenovo’s broad portfolio of cutting-edge devices, services, and solutions. The aim of the Digital Centre, is to become a hub that provides famers with access to critical information and best practices on millet farming, help Work For Humankind volunteers gather data and analyze the impact of implemented solutions, develops early adopters in millet production, and builds awareness for market linkages.

Announcing the initiative launch, Shailendra Katyal, Managing Director, Lenovo India, said, “With India gearing up to become the global millet hub, Lenovo’s Work For Humankind initiative will help Kanthalloor’s farmers to make millet cultivation more profitable and sustainable. By bringing together the right expertise and Lenovo’s cutting-edge tech devices, solutions and services, we aim to mobilize the local community and make millet farming more commercially viable for them.”

Dream India Network (DIN) is an umbrella organization of several Non-Governmental Organizations, committed individuals and institutions, trainers, researchers, and social workers who have an abiding interest in bringing about lasting changes to the quality of life of ordinary Indians. It provides empowerment and a platform to operate several good initiatives on behalf of the people whose rights are violated and who need hand-holding.


Dr. Saju Parackal, CEO, Dream India Network, commented, “We look forward to contributing our expertise in developing the infrastructure and agricultural training programs to benefit the farming community in Kanthalloor.

Kanth Mohandas, Kanthalloor Gram Panchayat President, expressed that, “Kanthalloor welcomes Lenovo’s partnership to create a one-year roadmap to boost local millet cultivation. Millet is part of Kanthalloor’s history, and we must revive our traditional farming practices with the help of modern interventions. The Gram Panchayat will support awareness-building activities, and work with Lenovo volunteers to increase the production of millet and market linkages in Kanthalloor.”

Dr. S. Sindu, Principal of IHRD College Kanthalloor, said, “The IHRD College of Applied Science is partnering with Lenovo for its Work For Humankind campaign and will host the Kanthalloor Millet Tech Centre on our campus. Our students will be volunteering to monitor and develop opportunities for local millet farmers by manning the Tech Centre, powered by Lenovo technology. We are excited to play a key role in enabling digital inclusivity in the region and to build on shared synergies for millet cultivation in Kanthalloor.”

The College of Applied Science Marayoor-Kanthalloor was established in 2010 with regular courses BSc. Computer Sciences, B.Com (CA) and B.Com (Taxation). And now extended to post graduation courses including Msc Computer science and MCom Finance and Taxation.The Marayoor-Kanthalloor region is one of the socially and culturally backward areas in Kerala.

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