10 Horrible Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Make & How To Fix Them

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There are millions of blogs out there and more than 2 million blog posts are being written every day. However, only few of them have the privilege of coming to the forefront of conscious attention. It is because make money blogging is easier said than done. There are some blogging mistakes to avoid if those, especially ones new to blogging, want to be successful bloggers.

How to start a blog and make money has become a rage among people. Multiple sites are being created every second. However not all of them succeed. This is because many of them don’t have any idea of what is blogging. And those in the now are prone to repeat the same biggest mistakes bloggers make.

So what are some of the most horrible blogging mistakes, and how can you deftly avoid them?

1 Ignoring your true passion and just chasing money

Ignoring their passion and just chasing money is one of the biggest blogging mistakes bloggers make. It is of paramount importance that while launching your blogging business you must keep in mind that your success will depend on your passion. If you do what you don’t love, there is every possibility that this will dampen your passion for blogging. This has the potential of destroying your perseverance and creativity. On the other hand, if you do what you love, you don’t run the risk of becoming a failure.
If you really want to be a successful blogger then hard work and commitment is an absolute must. It takes a fair amount of time to make money from a blogging business.

2 Expecting success right away

It takes lots of hard work and time to build up an effective blogging site. If you are expecting success right away from your blogging, then you are in for disappointment. Yes, it is good to have the confidence and the burning desire to be successful fast, but you shouldn’t expect instant results. It takes a fair amount of time to grow a blogging business. Being impatient is one of the common blogging mistakes.

3 Ignoring Social Media

In the not so distant past, many who later on went on to becoming successful blogger were indifferent to the use of social media to connect with their readers. However, the scenario is undergoing a change.

According to the findings of the survey conducted by Orbit Media Studios, over 95% of bloggers are promoting their blog posts on social media.

Too many bloggers I know still are still in the mistaken belief that their great idea will make their blogs a runway success. This is not true. Promoting your blog content is an integral part of the success.
Bloggers can ill afford not to make their presence on social media as it is a powerful tool for bloggers to build relationships with prospective readers and visitors.

4 Not adding value to your content

There is an urgent need for the constant upgradtion of the content on your blog site at regular intervals. It is advisable to develop your content around the specific needs of your target visitors. Self-promotional content should be avoidable. If you are disseminating information about your company in your blog it must be borne in mind that you should not make the information look like an advertising campaign. This will go a long way in helping you communicating new issues about your products or services to your target audience

5 Not putting interesting content

“If you blog it, they will come.” This is a common belief among new bloggers. This is not true. While writing content it should be kept in mind that they should be interesting. Otherwise no one will show interest in reading them. It needs a great deal of care about what information you put out there. The information should be entertaining. It is a universally accepted fact that more quality content on the blogging sites can lead to more rankings.

6 Not writing exciting content
Excitement is the key. If you wish to attract visitors and readers when it comes to blogging, you need to be exciting. You cannot afford to be boring because people are attracted to the exciting things.

No one wants to be in the also-ran category. In these days of cut-throat competition, it is a challenge for business to remain in the competition.

7 Overlooking grammar and spelling mistakes

Many budding bloggers are of the belief that grammar and spelling mistakes don’t matter in blogging. They consider these mistakes an annoying technicality. However if you think so, this is not on the best of your interest. It is in the essential fitness of things that they should know how to avoid grammar mistakes which tend to disrupt the flow of content. It would be a good idea to use spell check each and every time you blog. Overlooking grammar and spelling mistakes can spell disaster for you.

8 Using Mixed Capitals In Titles

We can find mixed capitals in titles in the newspaper. However, in blogging platforms, mixed capitals in titles make your blog posting look unprofessional. Check it out:

“10 Horrible Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Make & How To Fix Them”
Not capitalizing all the words in your titles is one of the blogging mistakes to avoid.

9 Putting your blog first and audience last.

When creating your blog posts, it’s necessary that that you have a reader-first mentality. Yet many who are new to blogging are so concerned about making money that they tend to ignore the bogging topics which would be of interest to their loyal readers. One of the biggest mistakes bloggers make is that they don’t think about what their readers were really getting out of the deal. You will do well to research on the blogging topics for beginners if you are new to blogging. It is also critical that you should read beginners guide to blogging.
It’s not easy being a new entrepreneur, and mistakes will be an inevitable part of the process. But that doesn’t mean you need to repeat everybody else’s!

10 Assumption you have no direct competitors

The excitement about a new blog can often lead new bloggers to assume they really have no direct competition. While the fact of life is that it’s out of question to have no direct competitors. There will be always someone who has already written on the topic on which you would like to write. Do your homework to find out who these writers are and how you can differentiate your writing from those of others.

It’s not easy being a successful blogger, and mistakes will be an inevitable part of the process. But this is not to say you need to repeat the common blogging mistakes.

An earnest no and following of the above mentioned blogging mistakes and blogging tips respectively will stand you in good stead in making you a successful blogger. Following the blogging tips has the potential of bringing your blog a perennial supply of new visitors. After all creating a blogging site that will stand out from the crowd is no mean feat.

Meta Description: An earnest no and following of the above mentioned blogging mistakes and blogging tips respectively will stand you in good stead in making you a successful blogger

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