Centre meets 35% of target to build toilets for urban households

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Over one-third of the mission target of constructing individual household toilets in urban areas under Swachh Bharat Mission has been met, a statement from the Ministry of Urban Development said.

During the two years of Swachh Bharat Mission, 22, 97,389 individual household toilets have so far been constructed in urban areas. The five year mission target of 66, 42,221 such toilets need to be built by 2019.

With 35% of mission target being met in two years i.e 40% of the mission duration, construction of toilets meant for ending Open Defecation in urban areas is broadly on course.

Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh have met the mission targets three years ahead in September this year with Gujarat fulfilling the target of 4,06,388 toilets and Andhra Pradesh building 1,93,426 toilets in urban areas and have declared them Open Defecation Free in urban areas.

Other leading performers are Kerala having built 62,450 which comes to 68% of the mission target of 90,986, Chattisgarh-1,83,726 (61% of 3,00,000), Madhya Pradesh -2,34,377 (46% of 5,12,389) and Tamil Nadu -2,57,781 (43% of mission target of 6,02,029 toilets).

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