Cryptocurrency: Terror Funding vs Law Enforcement

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United Nations and Dr Subramanian Swamy join BEGIN India Think Tank in India’s fight against High-Tech Cryptocurrency Crimes & Terror Funding.


In a bid to arrest the growing menace of high-tech Cryptocurrency based Terror Funding, BEGIN India Think Tank has successfully rallied the support of United Nations (via United Nations Technology Innovation Labs, India) and the globally acclaimed Politician-Academic-Economist Dr Subramanian Swamy.  

Dr Swamy said ” The scheduled conference on Cryptocurrency organised by Mr. Ddeepak is most timely. Such conferences are necessary in a democracy that India is, and move to digital, orderly, tamper proof transactions which are traceable & pass through the legitimate banking system. The swiftness and secret enabled digital technology can also be misused for more difficult to detect crimes, terrorist activities & money laundering may seriously damage the economic balance of the nation. Hence such conferences are vital for preparedness ~ Dr Subramanian Swamy.”


Launching a frontal attack against the menace of Cryptocurrency based invisible Terror-Funding, a closed-door Conference is Chaired by Dr Subramanian Swamy organized at the UN India Headquarters by BEGIN India Think Tank and supported by United Nations Technology Innovation Labs, India. Scheduled to take place in the third week of December 2019, it will be attended by top leadership from key Indian Investigative Agencies, Law Enforcement & State/ Central Government IT Departments.

Through silent but sustained capacity building in people, research, knowledge & technology over the past 14 months BEGIN India Think Tank has emerged as the foremost contender in addressing the good & bad issues around Blockchain fed Cryptocurrency. Meticulous research in real cases of fraud, embezzlement & dark-web trade have brought to us the credibility & support of the biggest names that matter in India & Globally.

According to our recent research estimates, almost $5bn has been siphoned off the banking network& converted to Cryptocurrency. Almost 60% of it is feared to be cash converted to Cryptocurrency. The big question emerges – where & how did all this money vanish & to serve which ends? This is where Terror Organizations & Dark-Web Traders are having a field day while being absolutely untraceable in their illegitimate dealings.  

Ddeepak Kapoor,  Founder BEGIN India Think Tank said “The Banking System is unable to trackany financial transactions & Law Enforcement Agencies are helplessly unable to deal with high end Cryptocurrency Technology. Investigators have not yet even understood how to ascertain/ calculate the total value of siphoned off funds, leave alone locating & seizing it. In a recent case which has been widely reported, only a minuscule fraction of the funds embezzled has come to light while substantial portion rests in a pocket-sized encrypted Crypto-Wallet, the size of which we believe is close to $700 mn. How does then the Government of India know or not know that these funds have not been used to fund terror or drugs against the nation?”


Despite their best efforts, not a single case of Cryptocurrency has yet been successfully solved, nor a fraction of the money recovered so far. Alarmingly, with each passing day, larger amounts keep getting converted to Cryptocurrency and vanishing into the thin-air invisible economy, thus weakening India’s Economy & hurting its GDP. All of this even as Cryptocurrency use has been banned by the Government of India. Given the alarming situation and lack of fighting-back apparatus, our effort takes on a greater proportion. The reason why a majority of top leadership from agencies & departments concerned have accepted to attend the Conference, to share experiences & gain insights into the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that are becoming global benchmarks in solving cases relating to Cryptocurrency frauds & its abuse in Terror Funding.

Fortunately, we are only in the nascent stages of this grave phenomenon which threatens almost every nation globally. In defense of the Indian Agencies, most Foreign Governments have been equally unsuccessful in tackling with Cryptocurrency cases. Joining cause in National Interest, BEGIN India Think Tank has committed itself to helping Investigative, Law Enforcement & Banking Agencies in understanding the process & technology behind the illegal web of Cryptocurrency and shall enable then to uncover the veil of secrecy to reveal truths & evidences. 

By bringing together top leadership from key Indian Investigative Agencies, Law Enforcement & State/ Central Government IT Departments, the closed-door Conference in December 2019 is a strong start. Led by a team of highly experienced team at BEGIN India, their key members have founded/ run Technology Associations, helped Policy Initiatives, possess in-depth knowledge of technology & are closely networked with key players globally. Supported by UNTIL India, it is keenly followed by the UN Network globally. Post the expected success of this event, the Conference will travel to key destinations globally with the continued support of United Nations & support system of Technology/ Law Enforcement & Specialized Cyber Security Experts in Blockchain-Cryptocurrency Technology. 

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