Curfew Imposed in Balasore, Odisha Following Communal Clashes

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A curfew has been imposed in Balasore town after violent clashes erupted between two groups over allegations of cow slaughter during a religious celebration of a minority community. The disturbances, which began yesterday, prompted local authorities to take swift action to prevent further violence.

The curfew, which started at midnight, is set to remain in effect until midnight today. The administration has also suspended internet services in certain sensitive areas of Balasore to curb the spread of rumors and misinformation. Residents have been urged to stay indoors and avoid stepping out unless absolutely necessary.

Odisha Chief Minister Mohan Charan Majhi has been closely monitoring the situation. He spoke with the Balasore district collector, instructing him to implement immediate measures to restore peace and order in the town. “The safety and security of our citizens is our top priority,” said Chief Minister Majhi. “We are taking all necessary steps to bring the situation under control and ensure that peace prevails.”

According to police reports, while the overall situation is gradually being brought under control, sporadic incidents of violence have continued in some areas. Law enforcement officials have detained 34 individuals so far, allegedly involved in the clashes.

“The police are working diligently to maintain law and order,” said a senior police officer. “We have increased patrolling in the affected areas and are taking all necessary actions to prevent any further incidents.”

The imposition of the curfew and suspension of internet services are seen as critical measures to prevent the escalation of violence and ensure the safety of all residents. Authorities are urging the community to remain calm and cooperate with the police and administration during this period of unrest.

As the situation continues to develop, residents are advised to follow official updates and avoid spreading unverified information. The state government remains committed to restoring normalcy and ensuring the safety of all citizens in Balasore.


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