Delhi Govt Collecting Voters ID and Other Personal Data of The Families


If you will see the trend is happening , nearing the election time, Delhi Government is moving way ahead for collecting the data, raises eyebrow in every school including Government and private ones. Government is using tools like, the respective department, Directorate of Education, government of National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi, is collecting personal data of students enrolled in government schools and government-aided and recognised unaided schools in the city. The data will be used to build a comprehensive student data module and ascertain the number of students from other states enrolled in Delhi schools.

A report says, even various professionals are receiving calls from various political parties at the individual levels for the election funding. It shows it is an another effort of collecting database of the parents, so that they can make calls for the funding and other promotional purpose.  According to a circular issued on September 14 by the directorate, Delhi schools have been directed to collect ‘comprehensive information’ of their students for the purpose of a ‘data bank’. Even now the education department is forcing the schools to submit the database ASAP.

The official said, is the purpose of the data collection directive. “We want to estimate if there’s a problem, and if there is one, how should we deal with it,” the official said. According to him, there were about 15 lakh students in Delhi three years ago. The number has dropped by one lakh. Many students enrol in two schools with their Aadhaar number to avail scholarship benefits from both schools, the official pointed out.

However, the schools already have the database & information from students during enrolment, including the income group of the parents,seems it is not as comprehensive as the one requested by the directive now. “Besides the names and details of students’ families, the directive has also asked for Aadhaar data of students and their families. Many school principals feels that “We have never undertaken a task such as this. It will take some time to collect the data,” the officials said.

Regarding concerns about the security of the data, the Directorate of Education official said the data module would be as secure ,the question arises, is there any need for all this exercise, security is defiantly a core issue.