EVM Means Every Vote For Modi: Tweets Manohar Khattar, CM Haryana


Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar in the present day tweeted out a cryptic message forward of meeting elections within the state, claiming that the meaning of EVM translates to “Every Vote for Modi” and “Every Vote for Manohar”. He in all probability didn’t imply it just like the opposition does.


EVM stands for the Digital Voting Machine, a voting device that has performed away with the necessity for poll sheets and containers whereas expediting the counting course of. However, the machines have come below a cloud over the previous few years, with opposition events alleging that they’re being manipulated on the behest of the ruling occasion.


The tweet, which was deleted quickly afterwards, was accompanied by video footage of Mr Khattar elaborating on his analogy at an election rally within the state. “The name of the machine is EVM. This acronym can be expanded to mean ‘Every vote for Modi’. But if anybody says that this is an election to the state assembly, not parliament, EVM can be expanded to mean ‘Every vote for Manohar’. And it doesn’t matter if the vote is for Modiji or for Manohar, the symbol to press is ‘lotus’,” the Chief Minister mentioned, including that the BJP’s goal for the Haryana elections is over 75 seats. A question comes on does EVM understands who is who, controlled by the power of AI.


However, the tweeter got deleted ….


In his occasion’s 25-page election manifesto launched on Sunday, the Chief Minister promised a slew of people-centric measures, together with simple loans for farmers and Dalits, free schooling to women from poor households and talent coaching for 25 lakh kids if voted to energy. “It’s good to help sections of the society that need it, but doling out freebies for votes is not a healthy trend,” he had mentioned then, slamming the Congress over its promise to jot down off agricultural loans “within 24 hours of coming to power”.


As Haryana and Maharashtra to go for the polls on August 21. The Chief Minister, nonetheless, drew criticism over his feedback on Sonia Gandhi’s elevation to the place of interim Congress president earlier this12 months. “We thought moving away from nepotism was a good move… After Rahul Gandhi’s resignation, they spent three months moving around the country in search of a new party president. But who finally became the party president? Sonia Gandhi. Khoda pahar nikli chuhiya, voh bhi mari hui (Dug up a mountain to bring out a mouse, and that too a dead one),” he mentioned.