Global leaders united to counter China threat amid rising tensions

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Global leaders united to counter China threat amid rising tensions, since it has proved that the Novel coronavirus is human-made, A research team in Australia has come out with a murky origin theory of the novel coronavirus that caused COVID-19 pandemic. 


A team led by Nikolai Petrovsky, Professor of Medicine at Flinders University, has suggested that SARS-CoV-2 was likely genetically engineered that led the virus naturally evolving in an animal subject to be effective at attaching to human cells.


Refuting the thinking the new coronavirus distributed and spread  from the famous wet market in Wuhan and jumped to humans naturally, the team favour the theory that coronavirus was optimised for attacking human cells, rather than animal cells and suggested that it was the outbreak was human-made. The study also observed “a remarkable coincidence or a sign of human intervention” in the creation of the virus.


The team observed that “the novel coronavirus most powerfully binds with human ACE2, and with variously lesser degrees of effectiveness with animal versions of the receptor. Hence, the study suggests that the deadly virus was manufactured in a laboratory in order to penetrate human cells. The virus has the highest affinity for the receptor in its original host species from the  bat, with a lower initial binding affinity for the receptor of any new host, e.g. humans.


China is in impression that if he will start creating tension between Beijing and other global powers including HongKong, India and other neighbouring countries by opening its diplomatic circle, then the COVID-19 crisis created by him ,would get supressed, which is now proved to be the dream.


The Lawmakers from Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Norway, Sweden, the UK, US as well as the European Union have formed a coalition to counter China. “The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China’s principal work is to monitor relevant developments, to assist legislators to construct…coordinated responses, and to help craft a strategic approach on issues related to China.


In Britain, the group will be co-chaired by the Labour peer Helena Kennedy and the former Conservative party leader Iain Duncan-Smith. The other members of the group are Japan, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Australia and the European Union, as well as the US. The US senators Marco Rubio and Robert Menendez are co-chairs.


However, a senior Chinese diplomat dismissed the group. “Its a misinterpretation of China’s foreign policy and a misreading of the current world situation,” Chen Wen, minister at the Chinese embassy in London told the BBC. “China is a force for positive change.”

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