“I want to be your voice, not noise,” says Indian American Manga Anantatmula


An Indian American Andhra born woman Manga Anantatmula who reportedly raised her voice against alleged discrimination in the admission of Asians in Ivy League Schools, has now announced that she will run for US House of Representatives, saying that she wants to be ‘a voice not noise’ for the community, particularly for the Hindus in the US.


Anantatmula worked as a federal government contractor in defence acquisitions programme management. And hence, she has already become a presumptive nominee of Republican Party from the 11th Congressional District of Virginia and therefore making her as the first Indian origin candidate to run for the House of Representatives from there.


She recently formally launched her Congressional Campaign from Herndon as well and for her campaign purposes, she also expanded her first name Manga.


In her recent tweets she has supported India’s stand on Kashmir and the recently enacted Citizenship Amendment Act and building the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.


A great supporter of President Trump, Anantatmula says if elected to the House of Representatives she will strive to strengthen India-US relationship.