India and the Netherlands come together for sports

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Sports bring people together. That’s the motto the Netherlands has adopted for the event it will be hosting at the Jude Felix Hockey Academy in Bangalore on October 27. Dutch international football star Johan Neeskens and Olympic Hockey Medalist Floris Jan Bovelander will join hands with Indian kids at the Jude Felix Hockey Academy.

The mini-tournament is part of a day of soccer and hockey, hosted by Dutch Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Alphonsus Stoelinga, Charities Aid Foundation India, One Million Hockey Legs, the KNVB World Coaches and the Jude Felix Hockey Academy.

This event highlights the important role played by sport in the life skills development and education for kids. “Sport, particularly soccer and hockey, brings people and communities together. Playing sports teaches kids to be brave, handle wins and defeat. The grassroots programs not only help build talent, they can also be used for educational programs on sanitation and health,” says Alphonsus Stoelinga.
“The power of soccer to bring people together is also symbolic of the Netherlands as a partner for India,” says Alphonsus Stoelinga.

“Together, we are committed to giving children the opportunity to participate in sports.”

Meenakshi Batra, Chief Executive, Charities Aid Foundation India adds, “Sports not only help inculcate leadership traits in an individual, they are indispensable to over-all personality development and growth. Participation in sports based activities must be encouraged with provision of relevant resources and CAF India whole-heartedly supports skill development in the area.”

The day will start off with hockey and soccer clinics with over 100 participating kids. CSR heads will partake in the event and this event is part of the festive Holland meets Bangalore week, honoring the opening of the new Dutch Consulate General in Bangalore.

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