Now WFH To Be Adopted As The Best Practices By Many Organisations

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With the rapid growth of internet, everyone is connected with each other.  it is highly recommended to protect your personal data at all times because anyone can misuse the data. Having said that, the demand of cybersecurity is increasing day by day and many aspirants and students are willing to learn it and start their career in the same field.


The positive coronavirus cases reported from India stands at 85,544 , with the death toll at 2,745, Globally, more than 44,54,090 infections have been reported, with at least 3,02,489 fatalities.


Hence, WFH to be the trend at the global level. Our survey says, about two-thirds of the 4.3 million IT BPO workforce across the country have moved to a work-from-home model to keep services uninterrupted during the lockdown. Experts say some companies are likely to move to WFH permanently. WFH will encourage more women to join the workforce in India.


WFH will give companies more flexibility to move according to business needs. Employees could be compensated based on transactions. “The more productive someone is, more they will be compensated. Going forward, HR team would fix different salary packages for those employees who are willing to work in office and from the employees wants to work from home.


It is utmost necessary, while working from home one must need to be cyber-active in this era of digitization…. as the number of cases of cyber-attacks are on rise. Protecting the information becomes a job of utmost importance, else the unsecured data could land into the wrong hands.


The need of the hour is to have a secure cyber safety system in place as well as its regular maintenance. Various security companies are providing security strategies and risk management to network as well as penetration tests to secure your infrastructure  and they are  Fortinet, Paloalto, Checkpoint, Sonicwall, Sophos and others.


Researchers say, as technology gets advanced, most of the OEMs products have the backdoors. The backdoor refers to any method by which authorized and unauthorized users are able to get around normal security measures and gain high level user access or root access onto a computer system, network, or software application.


This causes the security professionals collect various types of data, behaviour, pattern and many more things ,which a normal person can’t be able to understand, unless he has a deeper knowledge into cyber security.


Last year, Huawei had proposed to the Indian government that to sign ‘no back door’ agreement. Now, the question is whether other technology companies either into Hardware/Software business in India, are ready to sign the agreement- No Backdoor agreement.


Now a question is on how many companies would be ready to share their source code with the Government.


Generally, Backdoors are included to allow access to a system by external agencies or third parties. These could include not only government or police departments but potentially also hackers and cyber-criminal organizations. It is also true that, strong encryption of devices and services protects the sensitive data of the users and strong encryption also promotes free expression and the free flow of information around the world.


Cybersecurity is as much a boardroom issue as COVID-19. A major cyber breach constitutes a clear risk both to a company’s reputation and its performance.


Any company that has not a taken clear action to ensure its employees are adequately security trained need to act now. Companies must take all necessary steps to be cyber safe, at the same time as ensuring they are COVID-19-safe.


People unfamiliar with home working are easy targets for cybercriminals. Large-scale remote working is here to stay for many firms, and the frequency of cyberattacks is only going to increase.


The Covid-19 pandemic has witnessed the robust growth of Enterprise collaboration tools for proficient collaboration with remotely located employees inside an enterprise. Growing adoption on enterprise collaboration among the IT & telecommunication, BFSI, and healthcare industries is expected a positive market growth .


The recent direction by the supreme court of India says, No action against employers for not paying wages , it brings a big relief to cash-strapped factory owners and The Supreme Court on Friday junked a circular from Ministry of Home Affairs, which pressurized them to pay full wages to workers, even during the lockdown.


It might have been understandable for previously office-based employees to have gaps in their cybersecurity awareness training, but there can be no excuses now. Who so ever are working from home, they have to update with the required technology and precaution measures.

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