It is time to protect your critical business priorities from attackers

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A survey among 300 plus CEOs and CIOs from across industries including healthcare, finance and retail, among others uncovered prominent cybersecurity stressors agreed upon the present cybersecurity strategy will make a huge shift in the way enterprises do business.


In the first two weeks of April 2020 alone, multiple groups have been activating dozens of ransomware deployments, having accumulated access, and by running malicious campaigns like phishing emails, ransomware and BEC. In the middle of this crisis in cyberattacks, companies are expected to continue their operations, accessing data and applications remotely at a scale which was never experienced before.


As Security being an enabler of business, will we see a huge market shift in cybersecurity. Now a question comes to all the tech companies, can we all work together to make the most of it and to support each other .


There is  huge financial upheaval and uncertainty associated with the coronavirus pandemic, It becomes a challenging time even for Cyber-experts to ensure the complete removal of attackers from a fully compromised network, it’s critical that vulnerable internet-facing systems are proactively patched and that mitigations are put in place to reduce the risk of these kinds of attacks.


Going forward, the next big target of the hackers is the mobile gaming industry, as children’s exposure to gaming and gambling , through various games such as NBA 2K, Grand Theft Auto 5 , Arena of Valor , PUBG Mobile and The Outer Worlds. Mobile gaming is undoubtedly its best bet to move up, but it will face challenges.


Organizations should continue to Build proactive security hygiene to defend networks, such as credential hygiene, minimal privileges and host firewalls to stymie these attacks , to make networks more resilient against new breaches, reactivation of dormant implants, or lateral movement.

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