Shivaami focuses on prioritizing and developing innovative solutions to help SMBs


Punit Thakkar, CEO and Director, Shivaami Cloud Services


 As a leading player  
Shivaami began as a website development company with only four employees. Later Shivaami Cloud Services shifted its focus to the cloud industry in 2011, partnering with Google Cloud to offer a Google workplace solution (formerly known as G suite). We began assisting businesses in moving their facilities to the cloud in order to save time and money while also improving security. With our immense dedication and passion, we became the only Indian company to receive the 2013 Google Top Sales Contributor Award and 2019 We were awarded as Global Diversity and Inclusion partner of the year.

 Expanding Service Offerings
Progress is a critical component of every company’s success. It is no longer sufficient to do business with only existing customers to survive in an increasingly competitive market. For us geographically was never a challenge & being in the cloud industry we were able to our client no matter the location.  This year, we are opening our office in the USA for International Exposure.

 Available solutions to penetrate
Given everything that was going around the world in the year 2020, It has forced us to adopt a remote working culture in which collaboration is a must. We understood how important it was for businesses to have a smooth transition for their employees in regards to a remote working lifestyle. 

Since it is a difficult time for businesses to set up cloud technology, we offer flexible options and with the support of our vendors, every business would be able to move their business to the cloud efficiently.

 Strategic plans in 2021
In 2021, our sole focus will be on prioritizing and developing innovative solutions that will help Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs) operate their operations more efficiently and achieve visible results in their company’s growth. Indeed, the epidemic has pushed us closer to the digital revolution that all businesses must seek.

 Best suited OEM’s Partner programmes
Finding the right partner to help transform your business can be an overwhelming process. However, our partnership with Google Cloud is one of the oldest that has rapidly expanded our services and opportunities to serve various clients in the cloud industry. 

Google Cloud Partner Program provides partners with tools, technology, and support so that we can put customers first and work together to grow our businesses. This program ensures that all of your employees are equipped with the tools to ensure long-term business growth, innovation, and professional development.