The IET participates in Global Skill and Employment Partnership Summit

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The Government of Madhya Pradesh today, organized the Global Skill and Employment Partnership Summit 2017 (GSEP), a flagship event on skill development and employment opportunities in the State of Madhya Pradesh at Bhopal.
GSEP Summit 2017, being the first edition, focused on skill development and employment opportunities available across the state and across all stakeholders. Anticipating the demand for skilled manpower, the state government has created a network of ITIs, polytechnics, vocational training institutes and specialised training institutes, both in public as well as private sector. The abundant manpower of the state has been developed into a skilled technical workforce with the help of these institutes. Through GSEP Summit, the state government aims to match skilled workforce of the state with industry.
The IET has always focused on delivering practical skills to the Indian education system, combined with an influential role in improving educational standards through accreditation and leveraging of industry relations.
Speaking about the initiative taken by Madhya Pradesh, Shekhar Sanyal, Director & Country Head, IET India said, “It is a great initiative taken by the state government to develop an ecosystem for generating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities throughout the state.Today, many new technologies have developed creating new opportunities for the youth. The youth need to have specific skill sets to respond to the evolving environment.”
The IET is working towards improving technical education through its local network events and the Faraday programme. Being a go-to-source for matters pertaining to improving quality of education and skill gap between the educational institutions and industries, the IET is coming up with new initiatives to help bridge the skill gap and increase employability.

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