Andhra CM directs MLAs to actively visit villages, highlight govt welfare schemes


YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, the CM of Andhra, has directed his MLAs to start door-to-door campaigns from May by visiting villages and enquiring about the welfare of every household. He held the MLAs responsible for taking good initiatives at the grassroot levels.

Setting the agenda for a two-year public outreach programme, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy directed MLAs to carry out a door-to-door campaign in villages and highlight the welfare schemes of the government.

Addressing the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress (YSRC) Legislature Party Meeting held on Tuesday, the CM stressed that it is the responsibility of all the MLAs to interact and address the problems of the public.

He directed the MLAs to take an active role in visiting villages and honouring the volunteers from Ugadi for their exemplary service and told them to visit at least three to four villages every day.


From May, each MLA should visit ten villages, ward secretariats and visit every household enquiring about their welfare.

Further, he said that the performance of MLAs will be taken into consideration, and it is their responsibility to take good initiatives from the government to the people.

The CM said the government will clear all bills including MGNREGS (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005) by April 10 including for works in towns and cities and added that a Rs 2 crore special fund will be activated from April 1.

He also instructed them to set up booth committees, filling 50 percent with women and, asserted, to carry out the membership registration programmes.

He emphasised the setting up of district and zonal committees by the end of April and said that Regional Coordinators will be appointed considering the new districts and party plenary will be held on July 8.


The Chief Minister said the performance of MLAs is very important and a door-to-door campaign is very important for them. He added that their names should come in the survey for getting a ticket in the next election.

The Chief Minister said district, mandal and village committees should be set up by April and regional coordinators will play a crucial role in making these committees.

He said one regional coordinator would be appointed for three to four districts and there would be eight regional coordinators approximately, considering the new 26 districts.

The Chief Minister said all the schemes are being implemented with transparency and social audits are being done and there will be 31 lakh houses in Jagananna colonies.