Billionaire George Soros calls India’s setback frightening


Billionaire George Soros is newly added to the list of PM Modi’s haters. He too like others is not impressed the way PM Modi is dealing with India.


Speaking in Davos, Soros said, “Far from being reversed, it made further headway. The biggest and most frightening setback came where a democratically elected Narendra Modi is creating a Hindu nationalist state,” Soros said while speaking on nationalism.


His statements assume significance as it comes at a time when the Modi government has been facing backlash over the newly amended Citizenship Act. The contentious law was passed in Parliament in December, 2019 to provide citizenship to persecuted minorities belonging to six non-Muslim religions from three neighbouring countries of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.


The businessman also accused Modi of imposing “punitive measures on Kashmir, a semi-autonomous Muslim region”. He also alleged that Modi was “threatening” to deprive millions of Muslims of their citizenship.