India asks private radio, TV channels to spread coronavirus awareness


All the radio channels and private television channels have been directed by Information and Broadcasting Ministry to spread awareness about fatal novel Coronavirus cases, after the growth in the patients seem to be increasing.


“Electronic media has always been at the forefront of carrying such messages as it is a powerful tool to reach out to people across the country. In order to make this effort successful, it has been felt that the support, assistance and contribution of private TV channels and FM radio channels will be of immense use,” the ministry said in a statement.


The awareness campaign will involve running tickers and discussing dos like observing personal hygiene and respiratory etiquette, washing hands with soap and water, throwing used tissues into the bin and seeing a doctor if one feels unwell.


It also lists the don’ts like spitting in public, keeping close contact with people if experiencing cough and fever, contact with live animals or consuming raw meat and travelling to farms or places where live animals are slaughtered.


The government has advised people to be more alert after two fresh cases have been added in the previous ones.